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custom retail bags

Delay in Use of Custom Retail Bags in Chicago

Ban on plastic bags is getting popular nationwide as various counties as well as states have taken up eco-friendly practices. As plastic bags take hundreds of years to decompose, they are seen as a serious threat to the sustainability of the planet. … More...

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go plastic-free

St. Croix County not yet Ready to Go Plastic-free

The plastic bag ban proposal made by a member of the board of St. Croix County seems to have hit a standstill. An ‘educational approach’ was instead recommended by the Community Development Department of the county. This means the county staff may have to working with the local retailers to create … More...

Recycling everything

Recycling Initiative at Villa Cresta Elementary School


reusable non woven bags

South Lake Tahoe Embraces Reusable Non-Woven Bags

Perhaps all the plastic bag bans being implemented by a number of cities in the United States have also influenced South Lake Tahoe. The city thinks it is time to say goodbye to the non-biodegradable plastic bags and make way for reusable and recycled bags instead. … More...

Recycled Bags Stories

custom printed reusable shopping bags

Dallas in for Custom Printed Reusable Shopping Bags

While the debate about plastic bags becoming a nuisance and causing health and safety concerns is raging all over, Dallas has passed an ordinance banning the use of plastic bags. It is the biggest city in Texas to have such an ordinance in place. Nine other cities have already enacted ordinances … More...

Eco-friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly Packaging for Detergent

Here is a brand which offers you all kinds of detergents - dish washing, laundry and oxygen brightener, which are all eco-friendly. Not only that, even the packaging is environment friendly. What more could you ask for? If you think this is too good to be true, read further to know the entire story. … More...

custom printed fabric bags

Bag Ban Ordinance Proposes Fee for not Using Custom Printed Fabric Bags

With plastic bags becoming a menace, the recently proposed fee on the use of plastic bags comes as a welcome move. Customers are now required to pay for each plastic as well as paper bag they pick up. With this move, people might refrain from using single use paper and plastic bags and may bring … More...