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Custom Printed Tote Bags

Use Custom Printed Tote Bags or Pay Fees in NYC

With the number of single-use plastic bags circulating around the world touching billions, the menace to the environment is enormous. In a bid to somewhat tackle this problem, a ban or a fee on using these bags has been proposed in New York City, which is a welcome move. … More...

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eco friendly shopping bags

Cheap Eco Friendly Shopping Bags and Recycling Promoted at Recycle Montana Day

In order to promote recycling among the residents of Montana, the state authorities hosted the Recycle Montana Day. This event was hosted in collaboration with Recycle Montana, a non-profit organization located in Helena, and during the event, the organizers displayed various methods of recycling to … More...

Promote with Custom Printed Promotional Bags

Promote your Products Using Custom Printed Promotional Paper Bags These days you can find thousands of promotional items that can be used for marketing your products and services. From key chains to t-shirts, pens, cufflinks, coffee mugs, and more, with the help of latest technology various … More...

Ban on single use plastic bags

Port Townsend Starts its Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags


Recycled Bags Stories

custom printed reusable shopping bags

Dallas in for Custom Printed Reusable Shopping Bags

While the debate about plastic bags becoming a nuisance and causing health and safety concerns is raging all over, Dallas has passed an ordinance banning the use of plastic bags. It is the biggest city in Texas to have such an ordinance in place. Nine other cities have already enacted ordinances … More...

Eco-friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly Packaging for Detergent

Here is a brand which offers you all kinds of detergents - dish washing, laundry and oxygen brightener, which are all eco-friendly. Not only that, even the packaging is environment friendly. What more could you ask for? If you think this is too good to be true, read further to know the entire story. … More...

custom printed fabric bags

Bag Ban Ordinance Proposes Fee for not Using Custom Printed Fabric Bags

With plastic bags becoming a menace, the recently proposed fee on the use of plastic bags comes as a welcome move. Customers are now required to pay for each plastic as well as paper bag they pick up. With this move, people might refrain from using single use paper and plastic bags and may bring … More...