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Hiking is when I feel the closest with Mother Nature. There are few experiences as breathtaking as looking down from the top of a towering ridge and surveying the beautiful landscape of lush, vibrant plant life below. I love breaking a sweat climbing up a steep incline, pushing through it to enjoy the warm sensation of accomplishment that courses through my body when I reach the peak. The predictable, comforting rhythm of my well-worn hiking boots pushing into the malleable earth solidifies the path I have made for myself. Sometimes I enjoy the bonding experience of going with a few friends, but usually I find myself craving the serenity offered in a long walk alone. When going out by myself, I am always careful to take the necessary precautions to ensure my safety. The woods have the potential to be as dangerous as they are magnificent. Perhaps the most important thing that I bring with me is a supply of water. Water is essential in maintaining energy levels, as the potential for dehydration poses a constant and serious threat. Despite considering myself an environmentally conscious person, I was guilty of carrying around multiple plastic water bottles. In moments of exhaustion and fatigue, I was admittedly guilty of sometimes discarding my plastic bottles in the wood, and in retrospect I cringe to think about the hapless animals that could have possibly mistaken them as edible. Today, I will only use a water bottle made from recycled materials. Filling it up with filter … More...

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Uniquely Yours

Being aware of the environment is a full-time job. Creating uniquely designed and reusable bags made from recycled materials is simply our passion. This is also undoubtedly a full-time job. With this said, you can probably image how excited we are to also provide custom bags at a wholesaler's … More...

Custom Canvas Bags

Plastic Bag Ban Proposal in Palm Desert Focuses on the Use of Custom Canvas Bags

The residents of Palm Desert were in for a pleasant surprise after the approval of the Citizen’s Sustainability Committee on a ban of plastic bags in the city. The committee also wrote a letter to Mayor Jan Harnik in which it requested the Mayor to spread awareness about the issue in Coachella … More...

Eco Friendly Grocery Bags

Santa Barbara County One Step Closer towards Using Eco-Friendly Grocery Bags

Santa Barbara County is determined on getting rid of the plastic bag menace and making the county a much greener place. To make sure that plastic bags do not pollute the county, a ban has been proposed on them in the unincorporated areas of Santa Barbara County. … More...

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Reading is becoming progressively less important to our modern society as technology has made information far more accessible than at any other point in history. Rather than opening a book to find out about world history or the details of the fourth presidential elections, simply typing your … More...


Recycled Journals!

Every since I was a child, I have kept a journal that holds my secrets, hopes, dreams, and fears. It is amazing to read my childhood entries as an adult, literally transporting myself back in time through the memories scribbled in green ink across the matted, fading pages. As an adult, I still keep … More...



Volunteering can often be the most rewarding thing that I do in a week. Volunteer work never fails to help me gain a deeper appreciation for everything that I have in my life. It brings me closer in my relationships with loved ones, and makes me not take for granted all of the material comforts that … More...