Seed Project: Learn About Saving Seeds and Help Biodiversity

Seed Project

The Importance of Biodiversity & Seeds

Anyone who has taken a college biology course understands the importance of biodiversity as a part of any healthy ecosystem. Biodiversity is used to describe the degree of variation and diversity within a given species or ecosystem. From a species’ standpoint, it is very important to have as diverse a gene pool as possible because it is a natural means for coping with diseases, environmental stress and changes. Genetic diversity helps species and organisms overcome changes, diseases, and other stresses.

Unfortunately the current food system in the USA fails to recognize the importance of biodiversity, as it promotes massive monocultures of a single variety of plant. For example, huge conventional farms that specialize in one crop, like corn, grows acres and acres of a single variety, often genetically modified, so the crop is literally 100% the same. Imagine what would happen if a pest or disease that had adapted to consume that specific plant type. Massive famines and blight could easily become a reality.

Amazingly, our “modern” food system is only dependent on about 150 different plant species, and 12 of those supply about 70% of the world’s food supply. Rice, wheat, and corn are the super-crops that supply about half of the world’s food energy, and while the super monocultures have produced the highest yields ever known, the system does not consider the importance of biodiversity or the long term sustainability of our food supply.

The largest threat to crop biodiversity is that heirloom and organic plans are being cross-pollinated by pollen from genetically modified from, which destroys the integrity of the non-GM crop. Many genetically modified crops have “terminator” seeds where they poison themselves making their own seeds sterile, thus none are available for the next crop. This ensures farmers have to come back to the GM seed manufacturer for new seeds. Now just imagine what would happen if this genetically modified trait was to contaminate non-GM and organic crops! The result would be irreversible disaster, destroying biology, culture, history, and the independence of farmers who do not buy from seed companies or grow genetically modified crops.

Why Save a Seed?

Saving seeds is an important task when you consider how many varieties of plants have been lost just over the last century. In 1903, commercial seed houses offered literally hundreds of varieties of crops, and now you are lucky to find more than a handful. The image below shows the incredible decline in the number of varieties kept in the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation (formerly the National Seed Storage Laboratory).

In order to combat the dangers mentioned above, seed saving networks and libraries are working to save and preserve regional biodiversity by establishing seed libraries. Farmers may borrow seeds, grow the crops, and then harvest the seeds to return to the library. In this way, local biodiversity is saved and maintained, plus farmers (or anyone with a vegetable garden) can benefit by being able to grow varieties they would otherwise not have access to. Thus they have a living seed bank as well. To learn more about banks and saving seeds, visit

Many communities and cities have small local seed banks that maintain collections of varieties of plants indigenous to that area.  If you are interested in helping the cause and planting local varietals, do a quick Google search for a seed bank in your area in order to find resources.

Seed Chart

Seed Related Promotional Products

Custom Earth Promos is a responsible business that sponsors programs like seed saving and seed banks to preserve our planet for future generations. Custom Earth Promos also sponsors recycling programs, reusable bag giveaways, and so much more. The entire business is centered around offering responsible businesses eco-friendly promotional solutions to further their brands with their customers in a green way. The unique seed paper products are favorites because they can be planted after use and grow beautiful flowers, and even specific plants.

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Other Eco Friendly Products

In addition to seed paper products, Custom Earth Promos offers many other eco-conscious and environmentally friendly products to our customers.  Our goal is to provide businesses and individuals with promotional products that are manufactured in an eco-friendly way, promote environmental awareness, and be useful to consumers who use the products.  We do what we can to help preserve and protect our environment in our manufacturing process, and help businesses promote their eco-friendly mindset with environmentally friendly products.

Reusable shopping bags are a great eco-friendly product with many benefits.  Plastic bags contribute to tons of waste every year, which is why many cities have banned single-use plastic bags.  With a reusable bag, a consumer can make hundreds of trips to the supermarket and use the same bags.  We offer many options from non woven bags, recycled RPET bags, and more custom reusable bags at wholesale prices.

Custom Earth promos also offers a full range of reusable water bottles to help preserve and protect the environment.  Every year millions upon millions of plastic water bottles are thrown away every year.  An amazingly small percentage of them get recycled, which means the vast majority end up in landfills and the ocean.  This waste contributes to declining ecosystems, poor water quality, and wastes more resources by having to create new bottles from new materials.  To help do our part to combat this waste, we offer stainless steel bottles, and BPA free bottles.

We offer many other promotional items as well, and with all of them, we strive to design and manufacture them in the most eco-friendly way possible in order to help preserve and protect our environment and the planet.  Every small step towards conservation, stewardship, and environmental awareness is a step closer to preserving our planet for future generations.