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Seed Paper Promotions

Seed Paper is a favorite eco friendly promotional product for many companies looking to maximize their marketing efforts. Since our price points are so low, our clients are able to take advantage of this unique branding tool with relatively minimal costs. In addition to the money they save, businesses also benefit from the lasting impression that seed paper products provide.

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Tending to Your Business Fields - Green Marketing Strategies with Growth Potential

Forward thinking businesses are developing marketing plans to help increase notoriety and create a positive eco-friendly brand. The campaign can have a simple message with simple products people will use over and over again. The theme here is novelty and use - your brand is the benefactor.

Forward thinking businesses are developing marketing plans to help increase notoriety and create a positive eco-friendly brand. The campaign can have a simple message with simple products people will use over and over again. The theme here is novelty and use - your brand is the benefactor.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of environmental issues like global warming, energy shortages and waste accumulation and are making more eco-friendly and sustainable choices with their purchases. Over the last several years, businesses have taken notice of the trend by incorporating green marketing into their overall marketing strategies.

Since potential customers are savvier these days, it's important to keep the green marketing strategy based on environmental actions that the business is taking in the product line, operations or contributions and not overstate the commitment to the environment. Any contribution to the environment is a good one, so it's important to keep it believable to the consumer.

Seed Paper Products

Seeded Shape Bookmark (A1)
as low as $0.39
A die-cut, plantable seed paper shape is paired with a full color printed bookmark made from 100% post-industrial recycled content.
Seeded Paper Bookmark (A4)
as low as $0.45
Includes Full Color printing on one side, our no-waste seeded bookmark is 100% natural and biodegradable and really grows!
Seeded Flower Bookmark (A5)
as low as $0.41
Colorful seed paper flower shape is uniquely integrated with a printed and die-cut card stock bookmark.
Seed Paper Sheets
as low as $1.00
Seed Coasters (G3)
as low as $0.25
Often used as a coaster for restaurant promotions and more!
Holiday Folidng Seed Cards
as low as $0.67
1. Choose a design...2. Choose a message...and 3. Send us your logo. Sending Holiday Greeting Cards is now as Easy as 1..2..3.
Seed Postcards (C1)
as low as $0.64
This innovative earth friendly postcard gets planted in its entirety
Seed Postcards (C4)
as low as $0.37
Your choice of seed paper colors and shapes.
Seed Postcards (C5)
as low as $0.69
Printed full color on one side, includes seed shape.
Folding Seed Card (B3)
as low as $1.15
High quality full color graphics are printed directly on the seed paper.
Folding Seed Card (B4)
as low as $0.73
includes a unique shape that is attached to the front of the printed folding card.
EarthGrow - Folding Seed Card (B8)
as low as $0.99
This folding seed card is perfect for holidays or birthdays.
Seed Business Cards (E1)
as low as $0.21
We call them business cards, but they have many uses.
Seed Tags (F1)
as low as $0.25
Seed paper badges and name tags, printed in full color
Mini-Gift Pack (G15)
as low as $0.45
The Mini-Gift Pack from Custom Earth Promos is a simple yet meaningful way of showing your customers that you care about them and the environment.

Watch your promotions Grow!

For a promotional event, think of items such as seed-paper products like bookmarks, calendars, business cards, flyers, gift tags, invitations, special occasion cards, and thank you cards with your company logo engraved on them. Reusable shopping bags, stainless steel water bottles, desk top gadgets made of corn rather than plastic are all great examples of eco-friendly promotional items that consumers will appreciate and use.

Businesses can market themselves simply as green or eco-friendly if they have a major commitment to just one of their business practices such as reducing their impact on the earth by using recycled paper products or encouraging the use of tote bags over plastic. The emphasis should also be placed on why the business chooses to be green and why consumers should care. This message should come through in the promotional items chosen.

Eco friendly promotional items are a great way to promote your brand in your business's green marketing strategy and make a big impact on the environment at the same time.

Promotional Products like seeded paper help your brand

Custom Earth Promos delivers quality made, “B2B” green promotional items. Our innovative, fun and colorful products help businesses brand themselves through environmentally friendly products consumers will use constantly. Products, such as seeded paper are utilitarian as well as beautiful, representing your own brand the way you want with a conviction to something more than promotion. Today's consumers are smarter than ever and will appreciate your crafty decision to promote yourself in a way that does not hurt the environment. Large custom orders are delivered where and when you need them from our American based warehouses, keeping Americans working. Innovative eco-friendly products made of renewable resources will speak volumes to your own brand.