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Seed Bookmarks

Yes, believe it or not there are still people reading actual books, the kind you buy at the bookstore and open and read. It’s actually becoming cool to read real a book now, imagine that! OK, let’s not get too excited about bookmarks here right? Well how about a bookmark that is also a patch of beautiful wildflowers? Yes, all this and more is possible with seeded bookmarks, classic designs that clearly show you have thought about the right thing to do.

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Promotional Reusable Bags Offered by Bellingham Stores

The plastic bag ban took effect on the 1st of August inBellingham,Washington. Stores are now offering coaching classes and reusable bags to help people transition from a life with plastic to one without. Stores in Bellingham gear up The ban prohibits the use of plastic bags in stores and other Read More

The Ban on Plastic Bags Issue May Now Go To Voters in Corvallis

The ban involving plastic bag usage inCorvallismay just end up as a decision for the voters to take. Few residents were part of the City Council meeting that took place on Monday and were allowed to voice out their opinion as part of the visitor section. According to the law Read More

How To Make Seed Paper Cards

Spring is near, and so are some great Spring holidays like Easter, Mother's Day and May Day.  Seed paper cards make a great gift and they are fun to make.  Here is what you are going to need:  Scraps of construction paper  Blender Packet of flower seeds Wooden spoon Water Read More

Seeded Bookmarks Products

Seeded Shape Bookmark (A1)
as low as $0.39
Bookmark with our unique die-cut wildflower seed paper shapes that fit into full-color printed and die-cut card stock.
Seeded Strip Bookmark (A2)
as low as $0.52
Large and colorful seed paper strip that slides into the die-cut slits in the back of the printed card-stock bookmark.
Seeded Square Bookmark (A3)
as low as $0.37
The bookmark is a great combination of vibrant seed paper and custom prints.
Seeded Paper Bookmark (A4)
as low as $0.45
High quality full color graphics are printed directly on the seed paper.
Seeded Flower Bookmark (A5)
as low as $0.41
Colorful seed paper shapes that uniquely integrate with a printed and die-cut card-stock bookmark.
Vellum & Seeded Bookmark (A6)
as low as $0.59
See-thru vellum. Price includes hand-tied hemp or ribbon and your choice of seed paper color.
Value Seeded Shape Bookmark (A7)
as low as $0.34
This Value Seeded Shape Bookmark is sure to leave a lasting impression. Choose from our vast library of seeded shapes!
Value Seeded Bookmark (A8)
as low as $0.37
Sap new life into your bag of marketing tricks with our line of Lil' Bloomer seeded bookmarks!

Real Books and Real Bookmarks are Cooler than Ever!

This handmade paper contains real wildflower seeds. Just plant it in soil, add water and natural sunlight, and watch them grow

Beyond being filled with wildflower seeds our designs allow for creativity in form, colors and design. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes or create totally custom designs for longer runs working directly with our factory. Directions for planting can be included in the design printed on the front or we can print the back of the cardstock so the instructions for planting will be revealed when the seed paper is removed. Simply remove the seed strip and follow the directions for growing. In a week or two, colorful wildflowers will appear. Flat and light, they are ideal for direct mail inserts, leave behinds, or quick handouts! Some seeded bookmark options have slightly different designs so let us help you find the best design for your needs.

Go Factory Direct!

Custom Earth Promos fabricates and delivers quality green promo items business to business. Our fun and colorful products help businesses brand themselves through environmentally friendly products consumers will use over and over again. Our seeded bookmarks are useful and classic as well as provide a beautiful future, representing your brand the way you want. Today's consumers are slicker than ever and will appreciate your decision to promote yourself in an environmentally-conscious way. Large custom orders are delivered where and when you need them from our American based warehouses, keeping Americans working. Innovative eco-friendly products made of renewable resources will speak volumes to your brand and message!