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1/2" Corn Lanyards

Size: 1/2" W
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Eco-Friendly Recycled 1/2" Corn Lanyards

Name 1/2" Corn Lanyards
Size 1/2" W
Available Colors Choose Any PMS Color You Desire
Imprint Area Unlimited
Key Features
  • Corn-Based Lanyards Utilize Safe Production Methods
  • Unlike Fossil Fuels, Corn is a Rapidly Renewable Resource
  • As Petroleum Prices Go Up, Our Corn-Based Products Remain a Best Value
  • We Employ Friendly, Hard-Working Customer Service Representatives in the USA
  • Lanyard Length is Made-To-Order and Customizable with Every Purchase
  • Our Low Prices Include a 1-Color Imprint and Custom Colored Fabric
  • Choose Basic or Advanced Attachment Options (Single or Double Ended Finishing)
  • Durable for Long-Term Use
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Customer Reviews (14)
Review by Michael M
CEP is always willing to take time out to help me place my order and customize my much needed eco-friendly products. I recently ordered 2,200 of these corn lanyards for a business event and they came out perfect.
Review by Edith R
Was very impressed with the quality of eco-friendly products on this site. This is the one that best fit my business. Thanks.
Review by Anthony L
This company has had my customer loyalty for years now!! They're always willing to take time out to help me place my order and customize my needed eco-friendly products! I recently ordered 9,000 of these corn lanyards for a business event and they came out perfect! The corn aspect really makes these unique and stand out! Wouldn't order from any other company! Thank you Custom Earth Promos!
Review by Jessy
Great valued items.
Review by Johnathan
A guaranteed score with these corn lanyards.
See all 14 customer reviews

Don’t get left in the dust with competitor companies who lack the use of a beneficial and eco-friendly platform to promote their business. With these ½” Corn Lanyards, your promotional needs will be exceeded! Each lanyard is made from corn, which is a renewable resource that is successfully replenished after a single growing season. Our corn-based lanyards come complete with your choice of length, design, and one free color imprint embedded onto a high-quality fabric. Contact us today and allow our friendly expert design team to guide you to promotional success!


Join the green revolution by choosing Custom Earth Promos’ eco-friendly ½” Corn Lanyards as your promotional platform for your next marketing event! Don’t allow your potential clientele to lose interest in your business by promoting your brand on products that utilize outdated manufacturing techniques. These lanyards scream to consumers their support for the popular go-green movement as they utilize plant-based materials for production. On an even better note, the use of plant-based plastics, such as the ones used in our corn lanyards, has led to dramatic price decrease which allows you to successfully promote your brand while staying within budget. Don’t miss your opportunity to impress customers with a high-quality customized corn lanyard that includes your choice of any premium attachment.

Additional Details

Imagine your company’s logo or favorite slogan printed in bold, vibrant colors on an eco-friendly and durable lanyard. You have just imagined Custom Earth Promo’s exclusive corn lanyards and we are ready to cater to your promotional success! A sustainable design is an aspect worth adopting to your business plans if your company would enjoy joining the upcoming worldwide efforts to reduce global warming. Throughout the production of our corn-based (PLA) lanyards, up to 65% less energy is required for the manufacturing process than conventional polyester or nylon materials. Plus, our direct wholesale pricing deems these natural, plastic alternative lanyards just as affordable as those typically made from petroleum. Our designers have the ability to take your logo and turn it into a professional marketing piece. Get started today by simply uploading your logo to our virtual customizing tool for a no obligation creation of your next possible promotional platform!

Custom Options

At Custom Earth Promo’s, we have everything you could possibly need to create an earth-friendly, durable and bargain-priced custom lanyard. Our corn-based lanyards are offered at an extremely low, discounted prices and our factory has the ability to accommodate orders ranging from small to extremely large with significant ease. You have the option to choose from any Pantone color to avoid straying away from your brand’s image colors. Choose from our variety of lanyard lengths to find which best suits your taste. Finally, there is a wide range of options you can choose from for the lanyard attachment, including our simpler options being a clip, hook or ring, or our fancier options being the retractable badge “yo-yo”, water bottle holder, or carabiner. Get started with the unlimited customizing options to find the perfect lanyard to represent your brand!

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