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1" Recycled Lanyards

Size: 1" W
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Eco-Friendly 1" Recycled Lanyards

Name 1" Recycled Lanyards
Size 1" W
Available Colors Any PMS Color You Desire
Imprint Area Unlimited
Key Features
  • Full Customization Options of Lanyard Length, Width, Color, Imprint and Add-Ons
  • Recycled Lanyards Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles (rPET)
  • rPET is Upcycled to a Soft, Sustainable Material with Lasting Durability
  • Discounts on Large Orders or Multiple Orders Placed Simultaneously
  • 1" Width Provides Largest Edge-to-Edge Printing Area for Bold Designs
  • Superior Quality Product Construction from Entirely Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Eco-Friendly Lanyards Promote Your Brand and Build Eco-Friendly Image
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Customer Reviews (8)
Review by Margaret J
Very cool experience placing my order on these lanyards. Will be placing another order soon for sure.
Review by Donald H
Love these lanyards. Recycled and biodegradable. Great for our planet. Thank you CEP for the lanyards and keeping a eco-friendly name for yourself.
Review by Abigail K
Love these lanyards! Recycled and biodegradable! Great for our planet! Thank you CEP for the lanyards and keeping a eco-friendly mission!
Review by Justine
Great quality
Review by Alina M
Designing these lanyards for our company was a pretty cool experience.
See all 8 customer reviews

Our 1" Recycled Lanyards are made entirely from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (rPET). Discarded plastic bottles are upcycled to create a soft, sustainable and entirely eco-friendly material. Lanyards manufactured with rPET are comfortable, convenient, light-weight and exhibit exceptional quality. This Custom Earth Promos collection of recycled lanyards provides an exciting array of effective and eco-responsible promotional tools to further the reach of your campaign, optimize exposure and build brand value. Your innovative use of eco-ethical materials and dedication to positive social and environmental impact will yield ROI's of earned customer loyalty, positive brand image and increased long-term profitability.


These 1" Recycled Lanyards are made with rPET, a smart and sustainable alternative to synthetic materials like nylon and polyester. Build positive brand association among customers, eco-conscious prospects, and professional connections by refusing to promote your business with materials that create unnecessary waste or pollution. Our earth-friendly Recycled Lanyards are expertly crafted and guaranteed to optimize the reach of your current campaign or brand initiative without causing harm to the environment. In fact, by using earth-friendly materials that limit nitrous oxide pollution, our promotional lanyards actually benefit the environment. Work directly with one of our dedicated in-house design experts to build a brand exclusive design of 1" Recycled Lanyards you'll be proud to have to represent your brand!

Additional Details

Synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester are made from petrochemicals that do not biodegrade and have a profound negative impact on the environment. Nylon-manufacturing creates nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300x more potent than carbon dioxide. Polyester manufacturing requires large amounts of water for cooling and the use of lubricants which often become a source of contamination. Make the socially responsible choice of purchasing a brand-exclusive order of 1" Recycled Lanyards to promote your brand, event or ad campaign. Customers will admire your proactive approach to "green" growth and be more likely to recommend your business to friends, family, and colleagues. Your eco-friendly brand lanyards will be worn around town by your consumer-base, optimizing your exposure, increasing brand recognition and helping to establish a "green" presence that will benefit your business for years to come.

We make your safety our first priority by including a Breakaway Neck Release with our lanyards upon request. A great feature of our 1" Recycled Lanyards, is the color of your logo can be matched to the fabric of our lanyards, just by choosing a PMS color from any designer's Pantone book. Give your audience a custom designed Recycled Lanyard, proudly showcasing your brand logo in the finest quality imprint. Brands who have not yet established a "green" presence by using eco-friendly materials and ethical production methods face an increasingly difficult challenge. Consumers are demanding earth-friendly practices, products and production strategies from the brands competing for their business. Effectively communicate your brand dedication to environmental preservation and better position your brand for continued success with a brand-tailored order of 1" Recycled Lanyards. In-house design experts are ready to answer any questions you have regarding our bold full-color printing, edge-to-edge imprinting techniques, and optional add-ons. Our knowledgeable sales experts will discuss our wholesale pricing, applied to bulk orders of a few hundred or more. Ask for a free sample or mock-up image today!

Custom Options

The best way to ensure that your imprint looks good is to use crisp, clean artwork and to choose colors that offer a good contrast to the item that it's being imprinted on. It's generally good practice to use lighter colors on a dark item and darker colors on a light item to be able to read something the easiest way. Additionally, our Art Department will always maximize the space allotted for the imprint area and size your artwork as large as possible within that space. Often times "Less is More" when it comes to information to be imprinted. Keep in mind that many of the imprint areas are small, so the more you want to be imprinted in that space, the smaller it has to become. We suggest that only a limited amount of information go in a small space so that what is there can be as large as possible. Keep your message simple and to the point so that whoever is reading it can find the most important information right away.

We want to make sure that your art is smooth and crisp on every imprint that you have. In order to do that, you will need to supply us with Camera-ready art. Camera-ready art refers to artwork that is ready to be printed as-is without any further modifications. Generally, this art is vector-based and created by professional software designed to produce smooth, non-pixelated graphics. It is often denoted by a .EPS or .PDF file type. But don't worry if you don't have that type of file. Send us what you have and our art department will be happy to work with you to create exactly what you need. There is not usually a charge for us design something custom for you or manipulating what you already have to look perfect. Don't hesitate to call our customer service team directly if you have any additional questions about the artwork.

Our Customer Service Team is there for you to ensure that you have support for all areas of your order, including making sure that your imprint looks great. We'd be more than happy to look at your artwork and make suggestions to you or connect you with our Art Department to help create the perfect imprint on your behalf. Don't worry if you're not a professional artist. We can do that for you, and generally, that service is FREE!

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