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Sanitary Hand Gel

Size: 2 oz
Qty 200+ 600+1,000+2,000+3,000+5,000+
Price $1.65$1.48$1.36$1.22$1.15$1.06
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Wholesale Sanitary Cleansing Gel

Name Sanitary Hand Gel
Size 2 oz
Packaging Dimensions
  • 200 Pieces Packaged Per Box
  • 33 lbs Per Box
  • Carton Size: 16" L x 16" W x 14" H
  • Imprint Area
    Key Features
  • 1.7 oz Gel Hand Sanitizer
  • Squeeze Bottle With Cap
  • Minimum Order at Just 1,000 Pieces
  • Contains 60% - 65% Alcohol
  • Estimated 1 - 2 Week Delivery
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    Customer Reviews (10)
    Review by Yolanda T
    Thank you for making the sanitary hand gel such a nice item for us to sell. The product makes us money, and our customers always ask if we have more because a lot of people do not have COVID supplies.
    Review by Leonella R
    The sanitary hand gel is a no brainer for us. We love the way they look when you add our logo, and they are very functional. Also, it smells good. Most companies make something that just does not. You have exceeded expectations.
    Review by Keily M
    I am thinking that it makes the most sense for us to invest in COVID items, and you have made the labels look great. We are going to place another order soon because the sanitary hand gel is very popular on our site!
    Review by Nicholas L
    I am going with CEP because you make everything look perfect. Our customers are buying from us and getting things like the sanitary hand gel because they think we do it all ourselves. You make us look so good!
    Review by Oliver H
    I like that you have small sanitary hand gel bottles. I hate to sell something too big in the shop, and the label is very colorful. Basically, people gravitate towards them. Very cool! Thank you!
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    This sanitary hand gel is perfect for offices, home, vehicles, bathrooms, and public areas. The 1.7 oz bottle is perfect for users to pump a dollop of hand sanitizer, wipe their hands, and stay healthy. You could post this bottle at the front door of your establishment so that everyone can clean their hands as they enter, or you could place it by the register for your cashiers. You can even get your logo printed on the bottle, sell it, or give it away as the perfect promotional item.


    The sanitary hand gel listed here kills 99.9% of all germs. This alone is a very good thing for anyone who wants to remain healthy and safe. You can use the sanitary foam to clean germs off your hands when working with people, or you can keep it at your desk because you are constantly working with your hands. You could even go so far as placing these foams in public areas so that your guests in a waiting room or standing at the register can clean their hands.

    These sanitary foam bottles work well in bathrooms because they only require one touch. You can clean your hands quickly, and you do not necessarily need to rinse your hands if you do not want to. The bottle also comes with a cap that makes it much easier to manage. You can keep the bottle clean when it is not in use, and you can easily open the bottle for use at any time.

    These bottles are designed with a large imprint area so that you can show off your logo, and the handle is a flat white that is difficult to miss. You will get the exact same pump of sanitary foam every time, and you can trust this foam when you do not want people to touch faucets, paper towels, paper towel dispensers, or hand dryers.

    Additional Details

    When you place your order, you get 120 pieces per box, and each box weighs just 32 pounds. You can store these foams in any office or retail unit, or you can start handing them out to people in your community. You can also easily unpack these foam bottles so that you can add one to each package you send out to customers.

    The gel bottles are easy to manage because they are not that big, and they can even be carried with you if you need to work in remote areas that might not be clean.

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