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3/8" Corn Lanyards

Size: 3/8" W
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Eco-Friendly Recycled 3/8" Corn Lanyards

Name 3/8" Corn Lanyards
Size 3/8" W
Available Colors Choose Any PMS Color You Desire
Imprint Area Unlimited
Key Features
  • Made from Corn, Which Decomposes with Water and Carbon Dioxide
  • There is No Danger During the Manufacturing Process
  • Substantial Lanyard Quality with Professional Printing Results
  • Immediate Priced Quotes and a Free Preview in Less Than 24 Hours
  • Free Custom Length and 1 Color Imprint on 1 Side
  • Choose Any Fabric and Printing Color, We Guarantee an Exact Match
  • Large Attachment Selection
  • Solid Construction with Fray-Resistant Fabric and Premium Hardware
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Customer Reviews (10)
Review by Maria J
Thanks for all the help Custom Earth Promos. They helped me find the exact product I was looking for.
Review by Thomas S
These eco-friendly corn lanyards came out great. I appreciate the help I received from the design team at Custom Earth Promos
Review by Nora G
Absolutely love these lanyards! They're perfect for promoting your company! Love being able to customize them and create exactly what I need! Thank you CEP! Always a pleasure working with your team!
Review by Jeff
My organization was thrilled with this outcome of these! Great promotional product
Review by Marni
These came out great. I appreciate the help I received from design team at Custom Earth Promos
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Now more than ever, consumers are in full support of the Go-Green movement. A business that supports this movement by utilizing an eco-friendly promotional platform, has the power to create brand recognition that labels them with a responsible and trustworthy name. Our 3/8” Corn Lanyards are produced from corn-based materials, which ultimately means they are non-toxic to the environment and are easily compostable. With extreme environmental benefits and visual appeal, you have just come across the next best platform to promote your brand!


Allow our Corn Lanyards to revolutionize your promotional progress and turn heads at your next marketing event or tradeshow. The use of corn-based plastics throughout production secures a safer product for both consumers and the environment. Corn products allow us to cut down our dependence on imported oil as they are made entirely from the US-grown, naturally renewable resources. Take advantage of these lanyards and engage with your consumer audience by offering them a useful eco-friendly product that suggests you have an ulterior motive to preserve the environment. Each order has the option to be completely customizable, including the length, layout, colors and attachment so you can develop the perfect platform to promote your business in style. Your final order is guaranteed to be delivered to you at a quick rate with a flawless and eye-catching product exactly as you designed!

Additional Details

The secret marketing tool you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Unlike typical lanyards, our 3/8” Corn Lanyards are produced from nature’s own corn stalks. Based upon recent scientific findings on climate change, environmental awareness has skyrocketed. By utilizing these eco-friendly lanyards as your promotional platform at your trade show, competitor companies will envy your clever marketing strategy, while you reel in the potential clientele. Custom Earth Promos offers innovative products like our biodegradable corn lanyards at affordable prices for you to stay within budget. Additionally, the superior quality of materials and deluxe hardware attachments used in our lanyards are bound to have your brand recognition substantially increase. Our attachment options include buckles, cell phone clips, eyeglass holders, retractable reels and others that can be added on at factory direct prices. Request a free sample to be mailed directly to your door without further delay!

Custom Options

Take advantage of our 38” Corn Lanyards as a unique way to promote your business, all while adding an eco-friendly identity to your brand. The corn used to produce our lanyards is deemed a renewable resource, resulting in a lanyard that is compostable and can break down into carbon dioxide and water in months, unlike conventional plastics. Plus, designing your earth-friendly lanyard is fun when working in union with one of our talented graphic design artists. You will see your ideas come to life within hours on our free virtual platform for customizing, to ensure you are designing a product that successfully complements your business. The platform enables you the freedom to choose the exact length, custom color and attachments to complement the lanyard’s purpose. Along with our first-class customizing options, Custom Earth Promos offers outstanding customer service to make your experience exciting and seamless!

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