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8 oz Pump Hand Sanitizer

Size: 8 oz
Qty 960+
Price $7.99
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This product carries a minimum bulk order quantity of 960 pieces.

Wholesale Gel Sanitizer

Name 8 oz Pump Hand Sanitizer
Size 8 oz
Packaging Dimensions
  • 8 Pieces Packaged Per Box
  • 48 Pieces Packaged Per Master Carton
  • 28 lbs Per Box
  • Carton Size: 17" L x 10" W x 14" H
  • Imprint Area
    Key Features
  • 8 oz. Bottle
  • Kills 99.9% of Germs
  • Sanitizer is FDA Approved
  • Custom Printed Label Available Upon Request
  • Includes Full Color Imprint
  • Estimated 30-45 Day Production Time
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    Customer Reviews (8)
    Review by Carole B
    Bought the bigger hand sanitizer for the sales floor, and it looks good as just another way to market the business. We were very happy that the logo fits on the package. I have been sending them out to clients, and we have also added them to packages for most shipments. Easy marketing tool, and we even have them in each bathroom!
    Review by Ruby J
    I am very pleased with the way that we can make our logo colors pop on your packaging. Hand sanitizers make us look like we are spending a lot of money on marketing. We have been so happy with your printing! We also have these hand sanitizers work for us in every office just to be safe. I even send staff home with them.
    Review by Kate W
    We have been using your large pump hand sanitizers for all our events. We even have the branded sanitizers by the sink because we have guests trying out products and washing their hands. You have made us look professional and market out business much more effectively.
    Review by Silas R
    As a marketing product, we have added the hand sanitizer bottle so that it appears all over our homes and rentals. We have the sanitizer out at events, and we keep them in the office just to add that extra touch for our visiting clients. This has also been a very nice way to bring a bit of life to each new event. When I walk people through an open house, they cannot help but notice that we have branded bottles all over the place. This little touch, I can tell, goes a long way with your printing.
    Review by Daniel H
    Thank you to CEP for making a nice hand sanitizer that both makes us look great and helps our clients remain healthy. We have been using the sanitizers at each office, and we even send them in packages to clients who go home after a sale! At the same time, I really think you have hit it out of the park with the colors. When we sent over our logo, we had no idea you would make it look better on the bottle than it does on our letterhead!
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    This 8 oz pump hand sanitizer is a good option for anyone who would like to have a much larger hand sanitizer within arm's reach. Because the pump is so large, it might be a good thing to keep in the warehouse, use around a worksite, or even leave in the car. You could put one on every desk in the office, and you can keep everyone safe and healthy using basic products.


    When you buy this hand sanitizer, you can use it anywhere because it has a simple pump on top. The pump on top is a very good thing to have because that means that you get the right amount the first time you hit the pump. You can easily keep your hands clean, and you can move on. This is also very good for you if you are trying to figure out how you can keep your gloves clean if you plan to leave them on. Everyone has a different idea of what they want to do when cleaning their hands, but you can physically see the sanitizer cover your hands or gloves.

    This sanitizer also kills 99.9% of germs. This is a great thing for anyone who is very concerned about remaining healthy at work or at home. The sanitizer has been approved by the FDA, and that makes it even more powerful when you are trying to fight germs and bacteria.

    When you place your order, you can use a large bottle in any location, or you might consider traveling with it. Put this bottle in every truck or car in your fleet, and ensure that all your drivers use the hand sanitizer before they move on to the next job. If you have not done this, it can be concerning because you have no idea who will get sick or what they have touched.

    Additional Details

    You get a 30-45 day production time when you buy this hand sanitizer, and you should have a look at what you can do to make sure that you have a rolling supply. You can place multiple orders with us that will come at different times. We also send you a package that has been put together for easy storage. You get 8 bottles per box, and 48 total pieces in a master carton. The carton only weighs 28 pounds, and that makes these hand sanitizers easy to manage.

    Custom Options

    We can give you a full color printed label on request, and that makes it much easier to turn the bottle into more than just a big tube. This means that you have a nice promotional product that is very easy to use. You can enhance a part of your marketing that you have missed, and the sanitizer keeps everyone healthy at the same time because this is often your best barrier against disease. We will help you when you place an order at Custom Earth Promos online or on the phone. We will help you make sure that your logo fits, and we will give you the customer service you deserve when you reach out for assistance.

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