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Students All Set to Participate in Recycling Competition Named ‘A Bag’s Life’

a bags life recycling competition

Spreading knowledge is a very important tool in cleaning up the environment and activists as well as schools and educators are making it a priority to ensure that future generations understand their responsibility towards the planet. As a result, starting from Earth Day 2010, schools have launched a recycling competition named ‘A Bag’s Life’ to encourage children to recycle and save the Earth’s resources.

Time to Get Your Plastic Bags Ready for the Recycling Competition

The project is considered to be one of the most innovative of its kind and is primed at helping kids understand more eco-friendly ways of life.

A well-known company, Trex, does a lot of work with recycled waste and has offered to present the school with the most number of collected plastic bags per student with a park bench made purely out of 10,000 recycled plastic bags. Every school that participates and completes the competition will also be awarded with a birdhouse made from recycled materials.

One of the motivating factors behind the creation of the ‘A Bag’s Life’ competition was that a lot of people simply choose to discard used plastic bags instead of reusing them. Studies have show that as many as 30 million plastic bags are simply discarded every year in the United States of America alone. These discarded plastic bags then go on to damage the scenery or clog essential waterways. Because of the durability of plastic bags, it is easy to find other uses for them. They can be used as containers for food, as liners for garbage cans, as protective hand gear when dealing with toxic or dirty material, and many other things.

Have a Recycling Competition to Educate People About Eco-Friendly Habits

Promotional reusable bags are a very effective way to not only market your business, but also to teach people about the advantages of using them. First off, promotional reusable bags will spread the word that your business is thinking of the environment and doing its bit to help fix the problem. These bags can also help carry very useful information that educate other individuals about the various steps they could take to help with the problem themselves.


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