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Cheap Reusable Shopping Bags Likely To Get Popular In Alameda County

alameda county cheap reusable bags

Agencies that are members of the Clean Water Program plan to hold events to distribute free reusable shopping bags in the Alameda County. This is being done in an attempt to encourage people to switch to reusable bags and reduce the usage of single-use plastic or paper bags while shopping.

The Reusable Bag Distribution Event in Alameda County

The ordinance on reusable bags that was made effective from 1st January 2013 prohibits the distribution of single-use bags to customers at the checkout counters of grocery and alcohol stores. This ordinance requires that customers be charged 10 cents at least for getting these bags for their shopping needs. To attract customers for carrying their reusable bags along with them for shopping, the member agencies of the Clean Water Program are planning to hold various events between 22nd January and 02nd February 2013, where reusable bags will be distributed to shoppers free of cost. Following is the list of events to be held.

  • Dublin Library: Lobby,  Jan 22,  Tuesday 3-5PM,  200 Civic Plaza
  • San Leandro: Pac N Save Supermarket, Jan 25, 10AM-12PM,  555 Floresta Boulevard
  • Emeryville: Pac N Supermarket, 3-5PM, Feb 1, Friday, 40th Street, San Pablo Avenue
  • Hayward: Hayward Farmers Market, 9AM-12PM, Feb 2, Sat, (City Plaza) 777 B St.
  • Oakland: Next to Foodvale Market, 9-11AM, Feb 2, Sat, (Fruitvale) 3401 Intl. Blvd.

Cheap Reusable Shopping Bags – Solution to Alameda County’s Environmental Problems

Waste associated with single-use plastic bags is adversely affecting the environment of the Bay of San Francisco. Almost 1 million plastic bags and 100,000 garbage bags of litter are disposed into the waterways every year. All the litter and plastic gets dumped into the Bay without undergoing purification in a treatment plant. This causes tremendous damage to the ecosystem in the Bay and the creeks leading to the bay. Non-biodegradable pollutants drained into the Bay entangle fish and birds that mistake these for food and end up getting killed. Cleaning up the huge amounts of litter and plastic waste generated will have huge financial consequences for the community.

It is estimated that Alameda County spends almost 24 million dollars every year to clean up the litter. In addition to cleaning up the system, additional steps will be required to decrease the usage of single-use plastic bags. Cheap reusable bags are the way to go! These bags can be reused multiple times, leading to drastic decrease in the use of disposable plastic bags.

Benefits of Reusable Bags

Reusable bags are an eco-friendly safe alternative to using disposable plastic bags. These bags can be fabricated out of biodegradable material such as cotton and jute fibers, making them more eco-friendly than the non-biodegradable plastic. Usage of reusable bags will also help in reducing the heavy expenditure incurred on cleaning up toxic plastic waste.


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