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Alameda County and Oakland Officials Distribute Custom Printed Reusable Grocery Bags

alameda county custom printed reusable bags

The city officials in the Alameda County region distributed free custom printed reusable grocery bags among the residents in order to help them adapt to the plastic bag ban in the county. Alameda County implemented the ban on usage of single-use plastic bags in the month of January, 2013. So at present, the residents in the region are using reusable bags such as totes, beach bags, cloth bags, and even jute bags for their daily grocery shopping needs.

The Distribution of the Bags in Alameda County

The residents in Alameda County are adapting to the plastic bag ban, but there are still a few residents who are hesitant about using reusable bags. Therefore, the city officials distributed close to 1,200 reusable bags among the residents on the 2nd of February, 2013. This event took place at the Foodvale Market between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., and the organizers were very pleased by the response they received at the event.

The Need to Promote Custom Printed Reusable Grocery Bags

The Waste Management Authority in Alameda County decided to ban the usage of plastic bags within the county in 2012. The officials from the Waste Management Authority felt that limiting the number of plastic bags being circulated within the county would help curb the plastic waste issue. Therefore, they decided to ban plastic bags, and now the residents in the region have to carry their own reusable bags while shopping. Alternatively, the residents can pay 10 cents to get a paper bag from the stores they shop at.

According to Wana Redic, a recycling program specialist in the city of Oakland, many people are still oblivious of the plastic bag ban within the county. Some residents carry their own reusable bags to the store, but there are many residents who forget about the ban every time they step out to shop. Redic works with many community agencies and in her view, the low income population is the most ignorant to the ban.

In order to help promote reusable bags among the residents, specifically the low income group, Redic and her fellow community agency members arranged a reusable bag distribution program. Through this program, the organizers distributed close to 30,000 reusable bags among the residents in Oakland. These distributions have been made in collaboration with the Alameda County Clean Water Program. Redic is hoping that with the help of these distribution events, the residents will completely adapt to reusable bags in the forthcoming months.

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