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Alameda County Successfully Embraces Plastic Bag Ban

businesses are required to keep accurate records of the number of the number of bags purchased

Though most of the regions in the US are readily implementing the plastic bag ban, the real test starts once the ban comes into effect. Alameda County is among the many regions that enforced a ban on plastic bags this year. While some of the cities have failed to make the ban work, Alameda County seems to have been working quite well in the area. The official reports of the county have made it clear that the ban which has been in effect here since January has been implemented successfully.

Alameda County Manages to Keep Its Plastic Bag Ban Going

Since the implementation of the ban, businesses are required to keep accurate records of the number of the number of paper bags purchased by them. Most of the store owners revealed that the ban did not come out as hard as they thought it would. The big as well as small stores have reported that this transition from plastic bags to reusable bags was a rather smooth one and did not create any major inconvenience.

Store manager of Trader Joe’s in Berkeley, Richard Pilara said that most of the customers were happy with this move. They were also glad that they could do their bit in keeping the region clean as well as green. The problems created by plastic bags are not hidden from most and the ban on plastic bag has been seen by many in a positive way.

One of the workers of Fred’s Market, Mike Vubi said that initially some of the customers at the store were miffed with the idea of having to pay additional charges for bags. But once they understood the motive behind it, they started opting for reusable bags.

Encouraging a Greener Move with the Plastic Bag Ban

A major share of the success of the plastic bag ban also goes to the businesses and organizations that promoted awareness about the issue. Many of the environmental organizations as well as business corporations of the county came together to make people aware of the problems created by plastic bags. Their public awareness campaign helped in making people realize the small things they could do to help the environment. Apart from the advertisements and hoardings, they also used promotional reusable bags to spread the message.

All these efforts seem to have paid off as the county has accepted reusable bags and made the ban on plastic bags successful.


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