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Alameda County Promotes the Use of Recyclable Bags


Following the ban on the usage of plastic bags in the city, the Alameda County officials are encouraging its residents to use promotional reusable recycled bags. The plastic ban rule will come into effect from the month of January 2013. Aside from the shoppers, retailers won’t be allowed to sell their products in plastic packaging, once this rule is implemented.

Alameda County Ban on Plastic Bags and Packaging

Starting from the month of January, plastic bags will not be available at check-out stands. About 2000 retailers in and around the county have decided that they will not supply plastic bags at their check-out stands from the new year. Many other convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, mini-marts, and businesses that are involved in the selling and purchasing of packaged food items will also follow this trend.

The Need to Use Promotional Reusable Bags in Alameda County

With the ban coming into effect in less than a month, it is essential that shoppers understand the need to use promotional reusable bags. Reusable bags are usually made out of eco-friendly materials such as cotton, jute, or even paper. These bags can be stored and reused over a period of time. From next year onwards, the shoppers can either bring bags from their homes when they step out to shop, or they can purchase reusable bags from the stores at a very minimal price.

An ordinance has been passed to establish what materials fall under this ban; this ordinance is known as the Reusable Bag Ordinance. According to, the official website of the Alameda County Waste Management Authority, plastic bags take a lot of space in the landfills and with this new law, the landfill pollution will decrease. At present the Alameda County city council spends approximately $24 million to collect and dispose wastes in the landfills. With the new change coming into place, the county will save up on a lot of money and can use it to develop other forms of infrastructure.

Alemada County Authorities Provide Tips on StopWaste.Org

To help the residents cope with this new change, Alemada County officials actively post information on their website, This website has many interesting facts and ways through which the residents can cope with the issues of waste disposal. In context of the ban on plastic bags, the website has suggested a few tips to the residents. The website states that the residents should buy multiple reusable bags and place them in their cars, workplace, and at home. This will help them cultivate a habit to carry reusable bags.


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