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Recycling Challenge in Altoona Promotes Recycled Plastic Bag

altoona recycling challenge

Many people find it difficult to segregate their garbage for recycling purposes since they are not too sure about what can be recycled and what cannot. Families have now started participating in the Metro Waste Authority’s Recycling Challenge which is an educational program that aims at creating awareness with regard to the same.

People’s Participation in the Recycled Plastic Bag Challenge

The Metro Waste Authority’s Recycling Challenge is a 12 week pilot program that helps teach people the difference between recyclable and non-recyclable waste material. When keeping garbage out on the curb, many people get confused with regard to what goes into the recycling bin and what should be kept out of it. It is less complicated when families are given a chance to learn the difference through a recycling competition. So this year eight families will be a part of this challenge.

Jacque Dilks, a mother of three, is one of the participants who joined the competition because she wanted to learn more about recycling. Dilks runs a day care center and she felt that she had the ability to pass on the information to the children in her day care, leaving an impact on their young minds.

Leslie Holsapple, the program coordinator, stated that the program was introduced with the hope that the participants would pass on the knowledge they gained about recycling to other people in the community. Every fortnight, Holsapple stops by and goes through the contents of the carts to see if the participants are segregating their waste properly. Accordingly to Holsapple, segregation of plastic articles is the most difficult. To make it easier for people to differentiate between recyclable and non-recyclable plastic containers, they were asked to check the lid. Containers with twist on lids are recyclable. Plastic, margarine, and yogurt containers (minus the lids) and waxy cardboard cartons used for beverages as well as food are also recyclable. The program also promotes using a recycled plastic bag.

Jacque Dilks hopes to bring home an iPad – the prize for the winner of the challenge. However, Dilks stated that the bigger reward was what was learnt during the course of the challenge. The Metro Waste Authority hopes to expand the program to other communities as well, provided results show an improvement in recycling numbers in Altoona.

Recycled Plastic Bag Contests Promote Recycling

Contests are a great way to get people involved in environmental issues which otherwise come across as being boring matters.

The concept of recycled plastic bags is one of the best ways to begin promoting the process of recycling since plastic bags are something that everyone uses. Plastic bags are usually used only once and then they end up littering streets or in landfills. Conducting contests, that target plastic bags and other plastic commodities, will help to conserve the natural resources needed to make fresh ones as well as serve as a method to keep landfills free of such recyclable matter.

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