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Apple to Recycle its Products for Free

apple to recycle

Electronics giant Apple recently issued a statement to announce that it will be accepting its old products for recycling and issuing gift cards if the gadgets are fit to be resold. It is even including products from third party in this program. The initiative is a part of Apple’s “free, responsible recycling”.

Apple Has a Green Initiative

The strategy was a part of its Earth Day celebrations and there are valid reasons why this step cannot be called a marketing gimmick.

The environmental protection agency, Greenpeace has declared Apple to be “the most innovative and most aggressive in pursuing its commitment to be 100 percent renewably-powered.” Apple has also stated that its recycling program is ongoing in 95 percent of the countries, which sell its products.

The best thing is that Apple is not only recycling its own products, but also accepting electronic wastage like displays, mobile phones and computers from other vendors. The phones will be recycled for free. It must be remembered that Apple will only issue gift cards if your Apple gadget is in working condition.

Not only this, Apple has extended its environmental commitments to include its stores, offices and data centers. For example, the four data centers at Oregon, North Carolina, California and Nevada are powered by renewable energy like, wind, geothermal and solar energy. Around 94 percent of the energy consumed in the offices is from renewable energy.

About half the stores in the US, located in Chicago, New York, Santa Monica, San Francisco and California, use renewable energy. With 1 billion gadgets sold in seven years, Apple came under fire from environmentalists who accused it of contributing to chemical pollution. These initiatives were started after that.

Apple Is Using Eco-Friendly Promotional Items and Electronic Recycling

Corporate houses have the financial stability and required means to start big and influential campaigns. They have some social responsibilities and must take active part in saving the fragile ecosystem. Companies like Apple and other electronic manufacturing companies are responsible for their products and should devise ways for disposing chemically toxic waste.

They must increase awareness among the consumers about the harmful effects such toxic waste can have on their health. They should take responsibility of disposing that waste safely, like Apple has done. Celebrities may be engaged to spread awareness with eco-friendly promotional items and to influence the common man to follow their idols in saving planet Earth.


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