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Apps for a Green Life

promotional items that help make people aware of green choices

When you think of eco-friendly products, gadgets may not be the first to come to your mind, especially the ones like tablets or smartphones. Though many leading manufacturers are trying to make sure that their products get the eco-friendly tag, with all the plastic and chemical batteries they use, the dream looks a little distant for most phone-makers. Of course, you don’t need to dump your device just because it is not eco-friendly, as it can still make you follow the green path. Wondering how? Well, with the several sustainable apps that can help you adopt an organic lifestyle.

Your Green Guide for a Green Life

The first on the list is BrightNest, which is available for free on the Apple Store. This may not be an all-out eco-friendly app, but the section you should be looking for in it is aptly called ‘Green’. Once you sign up for it, you can restrict the app to only send you sustainable tips, as the app covers various aspects of improving your home. You may receive tips on how to save water like a pro or how to make your home greener. If you like a tip, you just need to tap on it to know the secrets in detail.

Another iOS app that is simple to use and offers simple, implementable green ideas is Green Tips & Tricks. You can open the app whenever you feel you need a tip or two to make things around you a little eco-friendly. However, the ads appearing on the app can get annoying. Android and Windows phone users need not feel left out as they too have plenty of apps to explore. Mobilendo offering Green Life Tips is a user-friendly green app that will tell you about some of the least-known sustainable habits. For example, did you know that you can improve the energy efficiency of your refrigerator by dusting its coils?

Need of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items to Promote a Green Life

Most people face difficulty analyzing which item should go into the recycle bin and which one should end in the trash can. If you too face such a dilemma, install the iRecycle app on your Android or Apple device. You just need to select a category to begin with. Say you need to know whether paper should be placed under recyclables or not. Just select paper, from the many items mentioned in the app, provide details about the type of paper and you are done!

Oftentimes people do not even have any clue about such green apps. To popularize such helpful apps, companies can use eco-friendly promotional items that can help in making people aware of the various green choices around them.



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