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Arnold Schwarzenegger Advises People to Turn Eco-Friendly by Using Reusable Grocery Bags

arnold schwarzenegger eco-friendly

The use of plastic bags is a matter of concern when we think about the negative impact they have on the environment. In 2010, the BYOB or the “Bring Your Own Bag” Movement was introduced and has been growing rapidly since then. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the then governor of California, had supported this movement and using reusable grocery bags. He still continues to support various eco-friendly options.

Eco-friendly Advice

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a well-known celebrity and the former governor of California, has been promoting the use of eco-friendly goods. He has also been advising people to turn eco-friendly for a while. Recently, he paid a visit to the European Commission in Brussels to promote an environmental project by global mayors. However, many people wonder how he could propagate eco-friendly measures when he himself follows a lavish lifestyle and owns a fleet of military style Hummer vehicles.

Arnold clarified this aspect by stating that his cars were equipped with hydrogen engines or bio-fuel engines and the engine of one car was being converted to an electrical engine. He further stated that there is no use making people feel guilty about driving around in big, powerful cars. Instead, people need to know how they could be a part of the eco-friendly process by changing the technology used in their car. He also added that it was okay for people to laze around in their Jacuzzis all day provided they opted for solar panels as a source of energy. Switching to energy saving models in televisions would also help to conserve energy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also initiated the R2O Regions of Climate Change to encourage a low-carbon economy. He also added that he wanted the environmental movement to be “more hip, more modern, and more sexy”.

When advice on turning eco-friendly comes from a celebrity, it has a large impact on the general public. Celebrities are looked up to as role models, and with their endorsements, a minuscule message goes a long way.

Starting Eco-Friendly With Reusable Grocery Bags, Recycled Bags, and Cloth Bags

Many people are interested in preserving the environment but are confused as to where they should make a start. The easiest way to begin is by refraining from the use of plastic bags and switching to reusable grocery bags. This not only curbs the production of plastic, a process that is detrimental to the environment, but also helps to keep plastic bags out of landfills. Some people opt for disposable bags instead of plastic bags. However, this isn’t the best alternative either considering that these bags can be used only once. Instead, opt for recycled bags and cloth bags since these bags are more durable as well as eco-friendly and they can be used over and over again.


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