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City Officials in Austin Promote Custom Printed Bags

austin promote custom printed bags

In order to acquaint the retailers and other business owners with the ordinance on single-use plastic bags, the city officials in Austin are hosting two classes on the 7th of February, free of cost. These classes are expected to be held at the City Hall, and they will discuss the features of the ordinance in detail. The first class is scheduled to start at 9.30 a.m. and end at 11.30 a.m., while the second class will be held in the evening.

An Event to Promote Custom Printed Bags

The city officials are organizing this event in order to spread awareness on the benefits of reusable bags, and to familiarize the retailers and business owners with the rules of the ordinance. However, the event will be restricted only to 150 persons for each session, so the residents who want to participate in the event need to register with the respective authorities immediately.

Organizations that manufacture reusable bags or custom printed bags can also participate in this event. These organizations can give the retailers and business owners various ideas for customized reusable bags. They can even distribute samples of their organizations’ bags at the venue in order to attract clients. Furthermore, the retailers can take the help of these organizations to design a reusable bag for their stores.

The Need to Promote Custom Printed Bags

The ordinance on single-use plastic bags, which will restrict the usage of plastic bags in Austin, will come into effect from the month of March, 2013. According to this ordinance, all the retailers and business owners in Austin will have to supply bags with the following specifications. If the retailers want to keep plastic bags at their shops, they need to ensure that the bags are 4 ml in thickness, and have handles. If the retailers wish to keep paper bags at their stores, they need to ensure that at least 40 percent of the bag is made using recycled materials. Furthermore, the paper bags need to have handles as well.

The last option that the retailers have is to keep reusable bags at their stores. Reusable bags are the simplest option available to retailers once the ordinance is implemented. This is because the ordinance does not specify the type of reusable bags or custom printed bags that the retailers need to keep in their stores. So the retailers can choose any durable material to make reusable bags for their stores.


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