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Bag Ban Ordinance Proposes Fee for not Using Custom Printed Fabric Bags

new york city proposes plastic bag fee

With plastic bags becoming a menace, the recently proposed fee on the use of plastic bags comes as a welcome move. Customers are now required to pay for each plastic as well as paper bag they pick up. With this move, people might refrain from using single use paper and plastic bags and may bring their own reusable bags instead.

All new eco-friendly bill

A legislation about to be introduced by the New York City council members will soon make it mandatory for grocery and retail stores to charge their customers a fee for every plastic as well as paper bags

This bill is just what is needed to tackle the billions of plastic bags, which not only cost a lot of money to be manufactured, but also get strewn in every possible place, ending up on trees and in storm drains. Again, a lot of money needs to be spent to remove them from trees and clear up storm drains. They also cause considerable damage to the environment. With this legislation, the city would be able to save this money.

A plastic bag ban it would mean that people will simply switch to using paper bags which are also harmful to the environment, only slightly less than plastic bags. This is why, a ban on single-use bags – whether plastic or paper, makes complete sense.

So, next time you go grocery shopping, you will need to pay a fee of 10 cents for every plastic and paper bag you pick up. The simplest way to avoid this fee – carry your own reusable bag. You can also make a statement with reusable custom-printed fabric bags, which look stylish and are the best eco-friendly option, too.

Bag Ban Benefits of custom printed fabric bags

Custom printed fabric bags could be the answer to this city’s plastic and paper bag woes. Every citizen carrying a reusable bag will reduce the number of plastic bags in the city and that will ultimately lead to reduction in the money spent on cleaning up plastic waste. The city can save a lot of money and spend it to provide other much needed amenities to citizens.

The proposed ban seems to be the perfect solution for New Yorkers, who will now have to change their habits and start bringing their own reusable bags when they go shopping.


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