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Bag Ban Possible in American Canyon

Napa City Residents to Support Reusable Bags in American Grand Canyon

American Canyon is contemplating placing a ban on the use of thin plastics as carryout shopping bags effective January 1, 2015. Napa City has already passed the ordinance and stores such as Wal-Mart, Safeway and few other stores can no longer dispense thin-plastic bags. American Canyon City Council is going to review their ordinance to get some tips to amend one of its own to make it more feasible.

Help Reduce Waste by Supporting the Ban on Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have been used for a very long time now – they are convenient to use and are easily thrown away. Less than 5 percent of these harmful bags are recycled and most of them end up either littering the streets of the city, building premises or are in landfills. These emit toxic gases that can harm human, plant and animal lives. The only solution to get away from them is to stop their use. By placing this ban in American Canyon, authorities are hoping that people take a step toward a plastic-free world by eliminating these thin plastic initially. These are the most commonly used plastic bags and if their use can be abolished, then use of remaining types of plastics can also follow suit.

Californians Against Waste, an environment conscious organization, estimates that around 13 billion bags were used last year and most of them could not be reused and only added to the plastic woes. The ban will be placed only on these bags for now and big, thick plastic bags can still be used for bulk and produce products. Promotional reusable bags are being made available in small stores and large shopping centers alike. This will help shoppers to adapt to these changes more quickly and easily. Presently, in the states that have already banned plastics, there is a charged levied for those who are still using such bags or are buying paper bags. Price is usually about 10 cents. Reusable bags can be used several times, are a one-time investment and are environmental friendly A must have for all American Canyon residents, soon!

Support the Plastic Bag Ban by Using Promotional Reusable Bags

On August 19, the Town Council will meet to make the plastic bag ban ordinance more feasible along the lines of the one adopted by the Napa City. While most store owners have co-operated so far and have agreed to do their bit to ensure the ban is a success, they have mentioned that the public’s support is also required and the city is already in talks to get their feedback to the proposed ban to. It is hoped that by making promotional reusable bags available for all easily, the ban will be acceptable to all and can be made effective soon.


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