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Our Lanyards are Perfect for Making a Statement!

Turn your customers into billboards with the three eight inch bamboo lanyards!

When walking around, I see lanyards everywhere I go used in virtually every capacity that one could think of. People have them hanging off of their key chains, people have their name tags or work fobs on on them, and despite the incredibly simplistic concept and design there are seemingly an infinite number of uses for them. I always pick up lanyards when I go to trade shows, conferences, etc. because I am always going through them and know how useful they are in virtually every situation. Lanyards are perhaps the perfect item to inscribe your company logo on, as they essentially become walking billboards, and every time someone takes out their keys or puts on the lanyard they wear their name tag on, they will think of your business. Imagine that you distribute one thousand lanyards at your next big event, and hundreds of people take them, and put them on their keys, around their neck, etc. Imagine you’re holding the event in a big city. Before you know it, hundreds of people are walking around with lanyards that bear your company’s logo on it and you can imagine the number of people that will notice your organization’s logo.

Recycled Eco-Friendly Lanyards are Great Mobile Promotional Items

Custom Earth Promos strives to offer not only the highest quality products available, but products that meet the highest environmental standards. Custom Earth Promos offers a wide variety of lanyards in five different sizes and numerous recycled materials as well as styles of metal clips. Whatever vision you have for your company’s lanyard, Custom Earth Promos can tailor it to not only fit, but exceed your expectations. We offer an extremely competitive, unbeatable price with our “Price Match Guarantee” policy, and a no-obligations, quick quotations, virtual images, and product samples. The lanyards also include durable and premium attachments with free safety break-away material. To customize your logo, you can either have it printed using silkscreen or dye sublimation, two cutting edge printing styles that ensure that your lanyards will not fade and ware like so many others. Consider ordering lanyards from Custom Earth Promos for your next company event, and see for yourself the enthusiastic responses you will receive.

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