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Bamboo Shopping Bags

bamboo shopping bags are durable

What are you doing to play your part towards environmental sustainability? It doesn’t have to be anything major or expensive to make an impact. It can be something as simple as using reusable bamboo shopping bags when you go to the store. The bamboo bags are durable, lightweight and strong enough to handle as much as 20 pounds. They resist breaking and fold easily for storage. Using the bamboo bags are a simple way to show you care about the environment. They can be used by both men and women and are stylish enough to make a fashion statement.

One of the fastest-growing plants on the planet, bamboo reaches maturity and can be harvested in just three years. Plus it absorbs over 3 times as much carbon and produces 1/3 more oxygen compared to hardwood trees. This means growing and using bamboo is good for the planet. With over 500 million non-biodegradable plastic bags used globally each year, bamboo makes a perfect substitute. The bamboo bags are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. They do more than make an eco-friendly statement, bamboo shopping bags can get the job done.

There are a number of great reasons to choose and use bamboo bags to shop. They are biodegradable and quickly deteriorate without releasing chemicals that harm the environment. These innovative shopping bags are inexpensive and unique and make a great conversation piece. They also make great gifts. You don’t even have to dress it up. You can use it to introduce someone to the environmental sustainability movement or as a thoughtful gift for veterans of the movement. Using or gifting the bamboo bag is an easy way to make the planet a little bit greener.

Bamboo is not just for pandas anymore. While pandas eat shoots and leaves, eco-friendly companies have begun to transform this fast growing plant into products people who care about the planet can use every day. These shopping bags are not just eco-friendly, they are versatile, stylish and durable as well. This has led to their growing popularity not only among the environmental sustainability crowd, but with fashionistas as well. Yes bamboo isn’t just for pandas. With the widespread use of bamboo shopping bags this adaptable plant has made its way into the mainstream.

Looking for a simple way to play a role in helping to make the planet greener and help to sustain it while making a fashion statement? Want a lightweight, durable, versatile, reusable shopping bag? Go the eco chic route and get yourself a bamboo shopping bag. It will get people talking and thinking about where they can get one and what else they can do to help the planet.

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