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BarFly Gets Eco-friendlier


With the planet getting more and more polluted everyday it is high time that each one of us did something in our own small way to bring about a change. BarFly Ventures restaurants have done just that and their initiative has made a difference in a positive manner.

BarFly’s Earth Day Gift

With the 44th Earth Day concluding recently, the need for environmental conservation is still very fresh in everybody’s mind. Everybody is in a mood to contribute to make the planet a better place to live in. The initiative taken by Barfly Ventures restaurants was not just to celebrate Earth Day. Owner Mark Sellers has been making sure that the restaurant follows eco-friendly habits, for quite some time.

Restaurants keep on producing waste and this garbage ends up in the dumping ground. Barfly Ventures is in West Michigan and Mr. Sellers’s restaurants are located in four places in Grand Rapids – HopCat, Stella’s, Grand Rapids Brewing and McFadden’s. He also has one HopCat in East Lansing and there is another one to be unveiled in Detroit very soon.

For one year now, Mr. Sellers has been active at composting all the food waste generated from his restaurants. Even the other waste from the restaurants is being recycled. In this way, there are around 1,300 less dumpsters going to the dumping grounds. They also use eco-friendly promotional items to promote eco-friendly habits among their customers.

With breweries and restaurants being one the biggest producers of waste, it is high time that they took concrete steps to minimize its effect on the fragile eco-system. With landfills bursting at the seams and incinerators taking up more load than they can afford, localized compost ground can go a long way in normalizing the situation before it spirals out of control.

Barfly Offering Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

BarFly uses linen napkins or napkins made from compostable paper, which is one of its eco-friendly promotional items . If you have a takeaway order then the containers are made of plant fiber. Even the straws and cups are made from material which has a corn base.

These are just an example how useful things can be made out of natural materials. The corporate companies can try and gift items, which are made out easily decomposable elements.


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