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Councilors Will Look Into Barrington Bag Ban Law in September Meeting

barrington bag ban law

With the various states in the country passing ordinances regarding the banning of plastic bags, it is likely that Barrington will also join the list. A draft ordinance regarding the ban of plastic takeout and grocery bags has been sent to the members of the Council in Town hall and will be looked into on the 10th of September, which is the sate of their next meeting.

The ordinance not only includes information regarding the ban on disposable plastic bags but also suggest the imposition of a certain amount of fine for those residents who violate the ordinance. Fines can go up to $300 per violation, which means that the city is taking the enforcement of the ordinance quite seriously. Wither the city’s police department or the town manager’s officer will be appointed to enforce this ordinance.

Ordinance to Be Introduced on Monday Night in Barrington

Monday night is when the introduction to the draft ordinance is bound to happen, after which, a hearing will be held for the benefit of the public on the 1st of October. If the Barrington Town Council members approve the ordinance, which involves the bag ban, then it could be implemented on the 1st of January, 2013.

The ordinance posted in the Town Hall states that plastic bags need to be banned in order to improveBarrington’s environment, and also to ensure that the residents remain healthy. Banning these bags will ensure the welfare and safety of Barrington residents, and will encourage the use of wholesale reusable bags and other renewable totes.

Ordinance Suggests Barrington Retailers to Keep Wholesale Reusable Bags

Apart from the benefits of banning single-use plastic bags, the draft ordinance also encourages all the retailers in the city to provide their shoppers with reusable totes. However, the price for which the bags need to be sold isn’t mentioned. Once the ordinance is approved, any division or department that the town manager designates can enforce it.

Violation will lead to strict measures

If any of the retailers violate the ordinance, a team will investigate into the issue and issue a notice to the manager or owner of the establishment. The notice will either be given to the owner/manager in person or will be posted in a conspicuous place in the shop and then a copy will be sent to the manager/owner. A reply needs to be sent within 14 days by the owner to the team of investigators, informing that the violation has ended.


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