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Baseball Stadium to Have an Organic Garden

baseball stadium organic garden

The San Francisco Giants have decided to take a giant leap towards making the environment cleaner and greener. They will be the first team to have an organic garden in their stadium that will provide baseball fans with fresh produce. Even President Obama was very impressed with this ambitious project.

Organic Garden in the Stadium

At baseball games, we are generally used to seeing food items such as popcorn, hamburgers, and hot dogs being sold. However, this will no longer be the scene at the San Francisco Giants’ stadium since the team is taking up the initiative to promote organic farming. Not only will there be a three thousand square foot organic garden right in the midst of their stadium, but the fruit and vegetables grown there will also be sold during their games.

The garden will occupy the space behind the centerfield wall as well as the area in between the right and left field bleachers. At present, most of the said space is concrete, so this will be a step in the right direction. The new space will be equipped with planters, hydroponic troughs, and green trellises. One of the major obstacles is the requirement of a solid, dark colored wall to separate the garden from the field so that the batter does not get distracted. Hence, the San Francisco Giants hope to be able to create a wall that is transparent on the side that faces the spectators.

The San Francisco Giants is the only Major League Baseball team that has decided to embark on such an ambitious mission. Even President Obama made a mention of the endeavor as he commended the team on their performance at the 2012 World Series Championship.

The organic garden will be the first of its kind, at a professional sports facility in the US. The project aims at making the garden a source of food supply for the catering operations at the park. It is also hoped that the produce will be enough to support the requirements of an open-air restaurant and a community classroom. San Francisco Giants have partnered with Bon Appétit Management Company and hope that the garden will be ready for the Opening Day, 2014.

Promoting an Organic Garden at the Stadium 

The San Francisco Giants have definitely taken a big step in promoting environment awareness by not just preaching, but also by undertaking such a mammoth task. This proves that they are truly champions in a league of their own!

The stadium authorities can now consider teaming up with big companies that look for ways to promote themselves by encouraging the use of eco-friendly promotional items. Reusable and recyclable polypropylene cups and whistles, caps, and shades made from recycled material could be good options to start with. Such commodities not only promote environmental awareness but also act as a good medium of advertisement.


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