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Recycling Competition in Bastrop County to Promote Green Sense in Children

bastrop county recycling competition

The festive season is here and Bastrop County has decided to teach its children a few good habits this time. It has come up with a recycling competition to teach students about the importance of recycling and how it helps the environment. Named as 2013 Recycle More Art Contest, it calls all the school students of the county to decorate their own Christmas tree, but only with recycled items.

Recycling Competition for Students to Decorate Their Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree

This contest is sponsored by a non-profit organization of the county named Keep Bastrop County Beautiful. Its mission is to keep the county beautiful and clean not only to visit but also to work. This contest was organized here last year too and around 200 students had participated in it. This year the number is expected to grow a lot more.

Students right from kindergarten to 12th grade will be allowed to be a part of this contest. The winners will get a chance to win cash prizes as well as gifts. Students must use recyclable materials like Styrofoam, bottle caps, wholesale reusable bags, antlers, and so on collected from home or businesses and use them to decorate the Christmas tree.

The winners of the contest will be selected by the judge’s panel which will include representatives from surrounding cities. The prizes will be given in six categories and will be based on a grade level. Every grade level winner will get a cash prize. Based on the size of the created art, overall champions will be declared from every age group. Apart from that, all the students participating in the contest will receive a custom gift bags for putting in the hard work.

Dorothy Skarnulis, one of the board members of KBCB said that recycling helps the county in serving two purposes. Firstly, it helps in keeping items like aluminum and paper away from the landfills. This makes it possible for them to be reused. Secondly, it helps in avoiding the dumping of hazardous chemicals and materials into the landfills which contaminate soil as well as drinking water.

Recycling Competition for Wholesale Reusable Bags All the Way to Electronics

Such contests are good way of making students understand the importance of recycling. Not only does it save money but also keeps the environment a lot safer and cleaner. Getting children into the habit of recycling is something that the parents should look into. This small habit can come a long way in keeping the planet green.


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