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Eco-Friendly Residential Towers in Berkeley

berkeley residents eco-friendly towers

In 2012, the residents in Berkeley voted for a plan to build eco-friendly residential towers in the downtown core of the city. In this proposal, the authorities stated that they would build residential towers 180 feet in height, in downtown Berkeley next to Shattuck Hotel. This residential project is expected to have around 355 residential parts and will facilitate developmental activities in downtown Berkeley. Furthermore, if the construction of this project is initiated this year, it will be the first high-rise building project in Berkeley after a span of 40 years.

The Residents Give Their Support to the Residential Towers

According to a consultant, Mark Rhoades, this project is going to be a test for the city council. This is because the authorities promise to construct eco-friendly buildings that would facilitate the residents many times; however, when they have to invest in the project, they withdraw their support. Additionally, since this project is in the downtown part of the city, there is a high possibility that the city council will ignore it, stated Mark.

To substantiate his concern, Mark points out that this proposal is a part of the 2010 Measure R project. In the month of November 2010, approximately 65 percent of the voters in Berkeley city voted for a project that would improve the transit-oriented development in the downtown part of the city. This project was named Measure R. This project was supported by several environmental organizations, including League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, and Greenbelt Alliance.

With the approval of Measure R, a plan was made for downtown development. According to this plan, around 3 high-rise buildings were supposed to be constructed in a part of downtown Berkeley. These buildings would be the first additions to The Residences at Berkeley Plaza, an eco-friendly residential colony. The eco-friendly residential project that is being discussed at present is an extension of this idea proposed in Measure R.

The Eco-Friendly Promotional Items to Be Used in the Residential Towers

At present, the authorities are still planning the layout of this residential project. The developers of the project want to get a LEED certification for their building. Since the developers are going to use eco-friendly promotional items like eco friendly reusable bags in their building, they are hoping to get a gold rating from LEED. Apart from the eco-friendly attributes, the residential complex will also have a large parking area for bicycles and a plaza. The manufacturers will also give their residents free transit passes. The employees who work at the building will be given similar passes as well. Furthermore, 10 percent of the housing units in the complex will be affordable housing.


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