Bamboo Shopping Bags

Bamboo Shopping Bags are the most environmentally friendly shopping bag to hit the market to date. Bamboo is faster growing and more sustainable than cotton, resulting in a more environmentally friendly product than the standard cloth shopping bags. This is not to mention how much more responsible they are when compared to plastic bags that get thrown in the garbage after a single use. Most of these plastic bags end up in landfills, along the side of the road, in forests, and in oceans. Even paper bags are a poor choice as they are often made from old growth forests that are thousands of years old and cannot be replaced. While all bags have some form of impact on the environment, the bags with the least amount of impact are made from bamboo.

While its ability to be harvested and ready for use after just a single season of growth makes bamboo an environmental champion, bamboo is also one of the strongest materials available for use in a shopping bag. It is so strong that it is used in many countries as a building material for skyscrapers. Some countries use bamboo scaffolding as high as the skyscrapers themselves in order to construct these enormous buildings. Needless to say, bags made from bamboo will have no trouble carrying a gallon of milk from the car into the house without breaking like those cheap plastics bags are known to do. Just think, saving a gallon of milk from breaking could alone pay for the cost of a couple of bamboo bags.Bamboo Shopping Bags are clearly some of the strongest, most sustainable bags available in the market today. Entire fields of bamboo can be cut down, processed and turned into a number of different products. The advantage of bamboo is that that those same fields can be replanted and ready for harvest in a single year. This sustainability gives bamboo bags an edge over all the other bags available to consumers. This combined with the incredible strength and durability of bamboo means they should always be considered as a smart alternative to plastic, paper, or even cotton shopping bags.