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An Electronics Recycling Event Held By Boy Scouts in Beverly Region

beverly region boy scout recycling event

The Beverly Boy Scouts are making efforts to promote recycling activities among the residents. These boys have taken the initiative to organize the 5th annual electronics recycling event in the city. This event will help the residents recycle their old electronics, and the money that will be collected during the event will be used by the scouts for their developmental activities. This event is called Operation No Landfill V.

Operation No Landfill v – Electronics Recycling Initiative Taken by the Boys Scouts

Through this event, the boy scouts are aiming at reducing the electronic waste that is disposed into landfills every year. The residents can bring their old and broken electronic items to this event, and the organizers will charge them a nominal fee in order to recycle the items. According to the Treasurer of the scouts, Ron Zabilski, this event is a good platform for the residents as well as the students. He feels that through this event, the residents will be able to dispose their old electronics easily, and the boy scouts will learn the importance of recycling.

The children who are a part of the scouts are between the age of 12 and 18 years, and they have been distributing flyers among the local residents to inform them about the event. At the event, these children will help the residents in carrying their appliances, and they will also guide them on where they need to drop off the electronics. The organizers of the event are ensuring that the boy scouts are involved in every stage of the event, as they feel that they will be able to learn a lot on recycling while organizing this event.

Electronics Recycling and Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

According to Zabilski, the residents in Beverly have been participating in this event actively from the past three years. As a matter of fact, last year the organizers were able to collect approximately 879 appliances from the residents. The organizers collected a wide variety of appliances such as microwaves, computers, television sets, and radios, so they had always received a good response from the residents.

However, the organizers are not expecting to receive so many appliances this year, as a lot of the electrical companies have been conducting recycling programs in the city as well. So at present, the residents have the option of disposing their old electronics at the manufacturer’s assigned drop-off centers. Most of the manufacturers recycle parts from these old electronics into eco friendly promotional items, or they reuse them in the other appliances they develop.


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