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Blacksburg Getting Increasingly Sustainable

blacksburg increasingly sustainable

With the population growing steadily in Blacksburg, whole hearted efforts are being made to balance the growth in population with sustainability. Blacksburg has partnered with Virginia Tech to ensure that it remains a city that believes in harmonizing its progress with activities that promote a greener and cleaner environment.

Joint Efforts to Keep Blacksburg Green

Blacksburg is witnessing a steady increase in its population with a growth of hundreds of people yearly. The city is also witnessing a constant growth in economic development as the number of businesses in the vicinity is on the rise.

Keeping this rise in mind, making Blacksburg an eco-friendly town is a priority, said Cathy Jacobs – a citizen of Blacksburg. She added that the natural resources available are limited and won’t be sufficient to meet the needs of the growing population.

Having partnered with Virginia Tech, Blacksburg is doing a commendable job by working towards matching the increase in population with sustainability. The Manager of the Sustainability Program at Virginia Tech – Dennis Cochrane, stated that the campus was dedicated to attaining this balance. All the activities on the campus such as the methods used for building, recycling, and reduction of energy, revolve around achieving this objective.

Cochrane also stated that the emission of greenhouse gases had been reduced by approximately forty thousand tons as compared to the emission rate in 2009, thanks to the change from coal to natural gas. The stress on alternative options for transportation is also making a difference with fifty six percent of the individuals on the Virginia Tech campus choosing to walk, ride a bike, or take a bus – an increase of eight percent since 2009.

Recycling and waste reduction is also being taken seriously with over forty percent of the waste being recycled. Over the last four years, waste was reduced by 103 tons and a compost program has also been initiated.

According to Jacobs, the sustainability program has taken off well and the community, as a whole, is very interested in the initiative.

Inculcating Ecological Lifestyle With Eco-Friendly Items in Blacksburg

It’s not really difficult to switch to an ecological lifestyle. Simple changes such as segregating garbage, reusing articles such as bags, boxes, and containers and reducing waste can go a long way in achieving this goal. Similarly, using natural gas instead of coal, switching off lights and other electrical appliances when not in use, and cutting down on fuel consumption by walking short distances or opting to take the bus, can also prove to be advantageous in promoting an eco friendly lifestyle. Businesses can also do their bit to encourage recycling by offering eco friendly promotional items. All these measures will surely help make the planet greener.


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