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Breckenridge Uses Reusable Bags as a Branding and Educational Tool

What better way to create awareness about a town than through the use of customized reusable bags! Breckenridge is one such eco-friendly town that has pioneered the path to the promotion of reusable bags. The step was taken, keeping in mind the need to curb the use of disposable bags.

Recycling, Marketing, and Branding With Reusable Bags

The Breckenridge Town Council made a decision to invest fifty thousand dollars for obtaining fifty thousand branded and locally designed reusable bags. These bags are made with a woven polypropylene material which is eighty percent recycled. Since these bags can be machine-washed, keeping them free of germs is not a matter of concern. Hence, they can be reused several times.

The bags are a marketing tool and the design focuses on emphasizing the beauty of Breckenridge. They highlight the pristine snow-covered peaks and the beautiful Blue River. There isn’t much text on the bag, except for the names of the designers, the URL –, and the catchy line – ‘Change the world, one bag at a time’. These bags are very attractive and many tourists would definitely opt to buy at least one to take back home. This will ensure that the name ‘Breckenridge’ becomes popular.

The bags are expected to be on sale from October 2013. Since the main objective of making these reusable bags is to discourage people from using disposable bags, using disposable bags will cost the buyers ten cents. The reusable bags will be sold at a dollar each, at strategic points around the town such as stores, at hotels, and on shuttles so that people can find them easily. In addition, four thousand bags will be distributed, free of cost – two thousand at various events to promote the program and two thousand to low-income families. The income received from the fee levied on disposable bags should cover the cost of these bags.

Wholesale Reusable Bags Used in an Innovative Way

Doing away with disposable bags is the need of the hour in order to make our planet a better place for future generations. Wholesale reusable bags are a great step towards making our world a greener one. These bags not only help in creating awareness about environmental issues but can also be used innovatively to promote a business or a tourist attraction.

Promotional reusable bags that carry the name and logo of a company are quickly gaining popularity as they help convey to the general public, values with regard to conservation of our environment. People are more than happy to flaunt a trendy bag that is eco-friendly. The more attractive the bag, the better the chances of people using them on a regular basis, thus carrying the brand name with them wherever they go.

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