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Bring along the Collapsible Water Bottle on your next trip!

promotional collapsible water bottle with logo

Whether you are on a camping trip or a business trip, there is usually little space to spare. Everything has to be packed neatly and tightly to avoid carrying anything more than is necessary. Sometimes even a few extra inches of space can mean throwing in that small bottle of toothpaste or extra razors that will make whatever trip you are going on all that much more bearable. The collapsible water bottle offered by Custom Earth Promos is made with these types of situations in mind. While there is a certain novelty to the idea of a collapsible water bottle, its design is ingenious as it solves the biggest issue with travel: space.a

Bring Your Promotional Collapsible Water Bottle to the Gym!

The collapsible water bottle is available in translucent blue, translucent red, translucent lime green, and clear. It stores an astonishing twenty ounces of liquid in it, the same size as a standard soda bottle. The bendable plastic material of the collapsible water bottle allows it to be folded when empty and stands straight up when it is full. The nylon, PE laminate makes the collapsible water bottle freezer-compatible, durable, and long lasting, ensuring that you can get many uses out of it. It even features helpful grommet reinforcements and attached carabiner for easy carrying capabilities like on your belt or a backpack. The generous three-inch by three-inch imprint area on the collapsible water bottle also makes it a great promotional product, as your business’ logo will be seen bright and clear against whatever inviting color you choose. Contact Custom Earth Promos directly for wholesale pricing on the collapsible water bottle!

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