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Bunzl Hands out Reusable Plastic Bags to Shoppers

bunzl reusable plastic bags

The onus is now not just on concerned environmentalists, but every right thinking citizen to do at least a small part to help conserve nature and protect the environment. Plastic has evolved as the major scourge simply because it is among the least biodegradable materials created by humans. A worthy alternative is switching to reusable plastic bags, as they can go a long way in helping to avoid the mounds of plastic waste forming in the landfills.

Distribution of Reusable Plastic Bags

A commendable initiative under a recently formed partnership, Bunzl Distribution in the US, offers reusable plastic bags to grocers to replace the banned plastic bags. California took the lead by imposing a total ban in Los Angeles’ grocery chains. Shoppers can no longer swing their arms while shopping as they won’t be offered bags for free anymore. They can either carry their own bags (which is something worth considering) or shell out a dime for a paper sack at the grocers’.

It is not just LA, but 90 other cities, including San Francisco, and several counties that have followed suit with ordinances and laws banning the use of plastic bags. The issue that has been legislated locally needs to be followed nationwide. However, this is easier said than done as most grocers still use plastic bags. They are reluctant to change, as plastic probably takes less storage space and is easier to use.

Pete Grande, CEO of Command Packaging, Vernon, feels that it is an uphill task convincing grocers to switch to reusable plastic bags,though they are the obvious solution to the menace that is plaguing the environment. With a firm commitment of providing a viable alternative, the company is forging ahead with new innovations that will ultimately change the way people think.

Promotional Reusable Plastic Bags Can Be Distributed Too

It is up to the traders to think of revenue generating ideas that will help their business grow, and address the growing concerns about continued use of plastic. The obvious choice would be to introduce promotional reusable bags that can provide wide publicity to the sponsors, while serving as the best alternative to plastic bags. These eco-friendly promotional reusable bags can be distributed by the companies, helping people realize the gravity of the situation and providing a practical solution to the vexing problem dogging the authorities.


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