Organic Cotton Pillow Business and Recycled Products Used

Seen featuring mostly animal designs, the pillows made by Sandy's company are made out of recycled bottles and organic cotton, which are stitched together and turned into a pillow. It can be considered to be one of the most popular eco-friendly promotional items in Fall River. The art, designing, stuffing and other aspects are all gotten from various places in the US.

People Want to Buy Domestic and Eco-Friendly Promotional Items/Products

According to what Wilder has to say, the source of inspiration for him to start this eco-friendly pillow business sector is because of people wanting to buy more domestically made and environmental friendly products. Starting a viable business, which involves manufacturing of domestic products that is local and environmental friendly, involved a lot of research by Wilder.

For years, Fall River has been sewing quite a few items that people require. Businessmen started traveling to New York and other cities in order to get more business for the Fall River sewing shops. Today, there are quite a few sewing shops left in the country, with the US depending mainly on huge clothing lines. Wilder isn't sure if his pillows will sell but he feels that since people are becoming more eco-minded, they are bound to buy his products.

More about Wilder and the Pillow Business

With a background in furniture designs and sales, Wilder founded a company called Conversational Arts in 2011 December. The purpose of starting his business is because he wanted a local business, which would use only American-made and earth-friendly items. After he quit his furniture business, he decided to go in a different direction and decided to make eco-friendly pillows.

Ever since he found Ken Bailey's artwork, Wilder fell in love with the entire French way of advertising everything. Wilder decided to feature all the pets on his products since there is a tremendous market for animal designs these days. Sandy licensed most of the art designs from artists and used it on his products, which contained locally made material that wouldn't cause harm to the environment.