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A Legislation to Recycle Mattresses in California

california legislation recycle mattresses

We are recycling almost everything these days, then why should old mattresses be left out? Two bills that call for mattress recycling are currently waiting to be passed in the Legislature of California, and according to some environmentalists, mattress recycling in some form is due to be started this year.

A Legislation to Recycle Mattresses

Two contradicting bills are currently waiting in the Legislation, both of which are in favor of mattress recycling. One of the bills, from Senator Loni Hancock, requires the mattress manufacturers to recycle their products that have been disposed off by the consumers, in exchange for an appropriate fee from them. The mattress industry, however, says that such a law would increase the price of mattresses and make the industry responsible for the recycling, not the government. They are therefore supporting a contradicting bill from Senator Lou Correa that says that the government should set the recycling fee and have it mentioned on the receipt of the mattresses. According to Senator Correa, this bill would help end the days of the unsightly piles of dumped mattresses in inappropriate places.

Californians for Mattress Recycling, an ad-hoc group, believes that this bill would be able to recycle mattresses equitably and realistically. They also say that since Californians are dedicated to recycling and using eco friendly promotional items, they would love to have a mattress recycling solution that is both efficient and customer friendly, especially since this bill is similar to the ones for used carpets and paints.

Both the bills, however, require the manufacturers to salvage springs, fiber, and wood from the used mattresses. At present, less than 10% of the used mattresses in California are recycled. Most of the old mattresses are dumped on streets or go to landfills. The government currently has to spend a huge amount of money to collect the dumped mattresses and dispose them off properly.

The Benefits of Recycle Mattresses and Using Eco Friendly Promotional Items

Benefits of recycling, as well as using eco friendly promotional items, are countless, starting from personal benefits to the benefits for the environment. Landfills, which are used for waste disposal in America, have many disadvantages like polluting surrounding area and emitting poisonous gases. They are one of the main sources of greenhouse gases which cause global warming. Recycling the items instead, makes the Earth cleaner. Using recyclable eco friendly promotional items can help conserve natural resources and reduce pollution. Recycling does not only make our lives healthier, but also helps to maintain the atmosphere for future generations.


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