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Why Californians are Using Custom Gift Bag

Many cities in California have already given up on plastic bags

California is going strong with its efforts of minimizing the use of plastic bags. Many cities in the state like Los Angeles, San Jose, Solana Beach and San Francisco have already given up on plastic bags. The latest city in the state to consider banning plastic bags is San Diego. The San Diego City Council will pass its judgment over the proposed plastic bag reduction bill this year.

California Interested in Custom Gift Bags

Most of the cities in this state are going eco-friendly and giving up on plastic bags. The fact that plastic bags are extremely harmful to the environment is not hidden from many. These bags can be easily spotted stuck in the tress or flying around the streets creating an eyesore. They also accumulate around water sources, hampering marine life.

These bags also release certain toxins while photo-degrading in the landfills, where they can last for as long as 400 to 1000 years. Around 500 million plastic bags are used in San Diego ever year. Of these, about 95 percent end up in the landfills. So banning plastic bags is a good consideration for the city as it will help in curbing various plastic waste issues there.

On the other hand, while a ban is likely to bring down the environmental hazards created by plastic bags, some wonder if this move will affect the economy of the city. However, research shows that it is unlikely. Equinox Center that works for limiting the use of plastic bags, conducted a study recently on the environmental and economic impact of plastic bag bans. The study revealed that a ban of this kind in San Diego will help in reducing the use of plastic bags by 86 percent. It further showed that such bans don’t harm the local economies in the long term. As of now, these kind of bans have been successfully implemented in around 90 municipalities in California.

Why Should San Diego Prefer Custom Gift Bag?

If San Diego bans plastic bags, its residents wont have much of a choice but to use reusable bags. These bags are far better when compared to plastic bags. Not only can they be used time and again, but can also carry a bigger load of purchase without tearing off. A custom gift bag is also a great choice to experiment with. Not only do these gift bags look attractive, but they can also be customized. Most importantly they are eco-friendly.


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