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Custom Made Tote Bags Promoted in Capitola


The city council in Capitola has taken up the initiative to promote custom made tote bags among the residents of the city. The council banned the usage of plastic bags within its premises in the month of January, 2013. The reusable or recycled bag legislation is supposed to come into effect in the month of May, 2013, and to help the residents adapt to this change, the city council has announced that it will distribute free reusable bags among the residents.

Custom Made Tote Bags in Coastal Cities

According to Californians Against Waste, an eco-friendly organization in the state of California, the residents in the state use close to 14 billion plastic bags in a year. Since most of the cities within the state lie in coastal areas, their marine life is adversely affected by the excessive use of plastic bags. This is because a lot of the plastic bags are disposed in the water bodies while they are being transported to the landfills. Since these bags are non-biodegradable in nature, they settle at the bottom of the ocean, and disrupt the marine ecosystem. As a matter of fact, a lot of marine animals eat these bags mistaking them as underwater plants, and then die of poisoning.

Capitola City Council Distributing Custom Made Tote Bags

Since plastic bags have many adverse effects on the environment, the Capitola city council took the decision to ban them. However, they want the residents to adapt to this change easily, which is why they announced that they are going to distribute 500 free reusable bags among the residents. The city council has collaborated with Save Our Shores, Nob Hill, Bagito, and for this distribution campaign, and the first 500 residents at the event will be offered the bags.

Many Cities in California Ban Plastic Bags

Keeping in mind all the harmful effects of plastic bags on the marine ecosystem and the landfills, various cities in California have taken the decision to ban them. As a matter of fact, the California state government might issue a state-wide ban on these bags as well. Many other US cities and states have been inspired by the reusable bag legislation in California, and experts think that in the coming five years, most of the US states will have a state-wide ban implemented on the usage of plastic bags.


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