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Carry your Own Promotional Tote Bags While Shopping


On October 1, 2012, an ordinance against the use of plastic check out bags was initiated in San Francisco. The ordinance aims to reduce the usage of ‘use and throw’ plastic bags which harm the terrestrial and marine environments. Plastic bags litter public places, clog drains or are dumped in landfills. As plastic is hard to recycle, it poses health hazards to animals and pollutes the environment.

Retailers in San Francisco have been instructed to stop circulation of plastic bags and instead give out reusable totes or paper bags. A fee of 10 cents is charged for the paper bags and totes. The charges on bags are meant to encourage customers to get their own reusable totes while shopping. By October 1st, next year, the ordinance will extend to restaurants as well.

Carrying Your Own Promotional Tote Bags

So that each individual makes it a point to use his own promotional tote bags, San Francisco Environment officials have suggested a few tips:

  • Throw some coupon into the reusable tote and keep it in a place where it is easily available.
  • You could use the door knob or coat rack to hang some of the reusable totes.
  • Always have a few reusable bags tucked away in your car trunk.
  • Keep a few totes at your workplace.
  • You could have a few compactly folded totes in your purse or pocket.

Promoting Wholesale Reusable Tote Bags

For the last 6 months, officials from SF Environment have been campaigning extensively in retail stores around the city. As part of the campaign, the officials mailed about 9,000 retailers and interacted personally with over 5,000 retailers. Five grand bag fairs were also held to connect bag manufactures with retailers.

The recently held educational campaign aimed to target consumers on a large scale. Staff from the SF Environment went around the city handing out wholesale reusable bags and clipboards. About 17000 free reusable totes were distributed to the residents and they were encouraged to get their own bag while shopping. Each resident was asked to take a pledge that they would use the bag the next time they shop.

The bags were circulated in a move to spread awareness about the newly passed bag ordinance in San Francisco.  All the totes that were circulated were made of strong scrap cloth and remnants of fabric that was locally sourced.


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