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Changing Up Coffee With An Eco Friendly Tumbler

Eco Friendly Coffee Tumbler

Every morning as part of their daily commute, millions of Americans compulsively rush to their local coffee shop, purchasing drinks ranging from the simple to the elaborate, spending anywhere from a few to several dollars for higher end drinks. Coffee has become so ingrained as a drink in our society, not just to provide that early morning boost for the workforce, but as a right of passage for youth as a clear milestone in their transition to adulthood. Unlike milk or soft drinks, coffee is a beverage that people must acquire a taste for. My first encounter with coffee was memorably unpleasant; as my youthful taste buds, which had become accustomed to sweet things, was jarred by the bitter, hot drink. It was several years after my first cup that I became a regular coffee drinker, making a gradual transition from loading it up with cream and gobs of sugar, to a small splash of milk and nothing else. In my early adulthood, I, like many Americans, start my day off with a cup of coffee, and for a period participated in the ritual of standing in long lines to get my morning fix. However as a young person living on a budget, simple math proved to me how much money I had been wasting on this habit. Looking at the coffee prices of Starbucks, a large black coffee costs three dollars every day. Assuming that I go there five days a week, every week for all 52 weeks out of the year, I will spend almost 800 dollars in a given year. 800 dollars can buy an exceptional watch, pay a month’s rent, or fill my car up with gas many times. Again, this is just a rough estimate at the absolute lowest end of the menu. For those that routinely indulge in cappuccinos, latte’s, or a Frappuccino among any number of other more expensive drinks, the yearly total increases considerably. Brewing your coffee at home is not only more convenient, but significantly more cost effective.  By changing up coffee with an eco friendly tumbler, your morning ritual to save money by brewing coffee at home has the added benefit of virtually removing the waste of disposable cups, many of which are recyclable, but end up in trash bins and on the street adding to the global waste issue. By making a one-time investment in a recycled, eco friendly tumbler, the coffee you brew at home can come with you wherever you go, saving you money as well as time in your morning commute. Tumbler’s are a great way to make a statement about your commitment to the environment, and are incredibly durable, ensuring that they can be used every day. Consider making the switch, and you will find yourself surprised by how much you enjoy the extra time and extra money in your pocket.

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