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Children Promote Discount Reusable Bags in Nevada County

nevada county children promote reusable bags

A lot of the states within the US have implemented plastic bag bans in the past few years. According to experts, plastic bags have a derogatory impact on the environment, and so it is advisable to replace them with paper or reusable bags. Keeping the experts’ opinion in mind, a group of students from Grass Valley Charter in California have planned a campaign to ban plastic bags in Nevada County.

Discount Reusable Bags in Nevada County

The students from the Grass Valley Charter School in California have collaborated with students from other schools to implement a reusable bag ordinance in Nevada County. These students started their eco-friendly campaign on the 8th of May, and since then they have been promoting discount reusable bags among the residents of the county. To make their campaign more useful to the residents, the students also took guidance from Allison Miller who is an environmentalist.

Research to Prove the Benefits of Discount Reusable Bags

Before the start of the campaign, the students presented their point of view in front of the Nevada City Council. The students conducted a research to support their campaign. This research points out that the Pacific Gyre region is heavily polluted with plastic waste, and plastic bags are a major component of the overall plastic waste. The research also stated that an average Californian resident uses close to 400 plastic bags in a given year, and only 50 percent of these plastic bags are recycled.

The officials from the Nevada City Council were convinced with the research that the students presented in front of them. The officials feel that the county needs to take steps to reduce its plastic waste levels as well. So they approved the eco-friendly campaign undertaken by the students, but they have not announced the implementation of any kind of plastic bag ban within the county as yet.

According to Miller, one of the supporters of the campaign, the city council was very impressed with the research that the students put together. Looking at the success that the students have had in Nevada County, Miller is encouraging them to continue their campaign in other parts of California as well. As of now, the students are covering Nevada County only, but they are expected to meet the city council members of Truckee and Grass Valley as well.


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