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Portland, Oregon Uses Existing Pipes for Renewable Energy

New Pipes Contain Energy-Generating Turbines

Continued Innovation in Renewable Energy

Portland, Oregon has become synonymous with the green movement and has always been a pioneer in renewable energy. The city has taken it a step further by partnering with a company called Lucid Energy, which generates clean electricity from the water that is already flowing. Portland is in the beginning stages of the project, replacing a section of its existing water supply network with Lucid Energy pipes. As water passes through the pipes, the turbines connected to power generators spin, feeding energy back into the city’s electrical grid. Portland is moving quickly with this project after seeing incredible results in a short amount of time, with Lucid Energy pipes expected to replace standard pipes in the city in the next few months.

What Makes the Pipes so Unique?

The short answer is that unlike other renewable energy sources which are affected by external conditions like the weather, the water flowing through the pipes runs downhill, utilizing gravity instead of any kind of additional power necessary to move it along. Lucid Energy’s functionality does not end there- it can also monitor both the overall condition of the city’s water supply network as well as the drinking quality of its water. The project in Portland is the first of its kind and is expected to generate two million dollars worth of renewable energy over the next twenty years. This project is the first of its kind in the country, and the hope is that other cities will see the tremendous value the project has provided Portland, and take steps to implement similar systems. Lucid Energy’s pipe system also has no negative repercussions on the surrounding ecosystem that something like a hydroelectric dam would. While only time will tell the actual impact that Portland’s new pipe system will have on the city, it is invigorating to see continued progress in the area of renewable energy.


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