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Clark County Promotes Custom Shopping Bags and Recycling

clark county custom shopping bags

The city council in Clark County is considering all of its options before joining a curbside recycling system. At present, the county officials have approved of a weekly trash pick up system as proposed by Republic Services, but they might change the pick-up schedule if they feel that it is inconvenient. The officials are expected to collaborate with a private company, Republic Works, to join a curbside recycling system; however, the officials want to conduct a few studies before taking their final decision on this matter. In addition to this, the county officials have requested Republic Works to make a special clause for them, where the county will have the freedom to quit the curbside recycling system if they are unhappy with it.

Clark County Officials Are Apprehensive About the Curbside Recycling System

The Clark county officials are apprehensive about joining a curbside recycling system because they feel that this system might not increase the recycling rates within the county. Officials feel that the present recycling system in the county is appropriate, and if the curbside recycling system can’t increase the county’s recycling rate drastically, there is no practical reason to join it.

There are a few members in the Clark County city council that are against the curbside recycling system. This is the primary reason as to why the council has decided to conduct studies before joining the system, and has also requested Republic Services to give them the freedom to abandon the system if they are unsatisfied. Chris Giunchigliani, one of the commissioners who is against this system states that the new system will disturb the residents in the county. So it should not be approved. Looking at the mixed opinions of the officials on this matter, the city might take a few months to take a decision on it.

Republic Services Promotes Custom Shopping Bags and Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Since the county officials are apprehensive about the curbside recycling system, Republic Services is stressing on how it wants to promote eco-friendly behavior such as using custom shopping bags, and recycling among the residents. The company is spending close to $150 million to purchase new bins for the curbside recycling system which will help the residents dispose their waste materials in a single bin.

The Commissioner of the county, Larry Brown, feels that Republic Services will be able to help the county in its recycling activities, but he also acknowledges the fact that some members of the city council are against this system. Nonetheless, he feels that introducing curbside recycling within the county will be a beneficial step.


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