The Environmental Awareness Association of Cleveland High School has initiated a recycling program to tackle waste management issues. Faculty members who are part of the initiative advise students of the environmental club to make service as their motto. The program demands all-time dedication and prompts service from both students and teachers.

The Cleveland High School Initiative: “Good Sports Always Recycle”

The environmental initiative is called “Good Sports Always Recycle” and is sponsored by several organizations such as Eastman Chemical Company, Waste Connections, University of Tennessee, Knoxville Coca Cola Bottling Company and Food City.

The members of the program were recently recognized and felicitated at the football game held at University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Team members were awarded a cash prize of $1000 for their efforts.

35 students are part of the environmental team and they are advised by four faculty members: Andi Wendorf, Laura Gheesling, Cuervo and Holly Gobble. The Environmental Awareness Association was formed 13 years ago; ever since, the committee members meet on a weekly basis to discuss environmental programs. It owes much of its success to a steady partnership with Coca-Cola.

As part of the recycling program, the cans, bottles, cardboard, and paper scattered in classrooms, offices, halls, and the cafeteria were collected. The collected materials were sorted in two bins: one placed for bottles and cans and another for paper. The collections were made every Friday and donated to different organizations.

Cleveland High School to Convert Waste into Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Every Friday, selected classes surveyed a portion of the school and collected recyclables. The students disperse into two groups to collect paper and plastic. The collected materials are disposed in the storage area.

The school focuses not only on recycling; it sets-up environmental campaigns and activities. Sorted materials, placed in large containers outside the science's section are sent across to Coco-Cola and other organizations. Many of these organizations convert the recyclables into useful eco friendly promotional items like green bags.

Cuervo states that the students of the environmental club do their work happily without the need for external pressure. She says that they are more enthusiastic than she is, and she often has trouble keeping up with them.

The teachers involved in the initiative are just as dedicated; they call students if they have missed collecting the recyclables. Notices to carry extra bins are also issued out in case there are more recyclables.

Teachers sort out material collected in recycle bins and segregate them into separate units. Irrespective of the weather and the circumstances, all the members involved work industriously to make the world a cleaner and greener place to live.