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First it was Reusable Totes, now it is Clothes Made out of Organic Material

clothes made out of organic material

Added to the list of eco-friendly promotional items, clothes made out of organic materials are popularly doing the rounds all over the world. From tops and pants to cycling kits and jerseys, textile companies are making organic and eco-friendly clothes. Cycling is a healthy activity, and being a professional sport, cycling needs the perfect attire as well.

The newest addition in the organic garment industry is the eco-friendly, custom-made cycling attires that cost about $120. It is completely made out of organic fabric, which helps the perspiring body to breathe easy while cycling. Apart from the eco-friendly factor, the entire attire is snug, comfortable and homemade from reusable and recyclable materials. Cyclists can order their very own custom-made apparel to suit their sporting needs.

More about the Organic Material Apparel

The eco-friendly cycling apparel is an idea introduced by popular manufactures, Alchemist, which is based in California. It is also working with JL Velvo in making these wonderful green clothes. Alchemist has been making clothing from organic material for quite some time, and is readily bought by people in the market in order to maintain the environmental peace in the wearer’s and manufacturer’s minds. Its entire facility is solar-powered as well.

Despite being made out of organic materials, the clothing fit perfectly. The Blackboxx bib included in the cycling attire us small and made out of eight percent polyester, which gives a complete racer-tight fit. Sewn in perfectly is the chamois, which is quite comfortable and nice. Leg grippers are still in production but the samples show that a thin rubber band is used to make the gripper feel more comfortable around the leg.

Organic Material Becoming a Popular Eco-Friendly Promotional Item

The jersey, which is the main part of the attire is completely racer tight and is made out of recycled polyester and Lycra, along with a completely smooth aerodynamic surface. An elastic fabric used around the arms, stomach and chest is quite comfortable and the 3 pockets sewed in on the jersey are big enough to carry your wallet, phone and food.  

If you are an eco-minded person who wants your clothes to be made out of organic and recycled materials, just like common reusable totes, then companies like Alchemist can help you out. The plus point is that, these clothesline companies are also aware of the carbon footprint they produce and tend to use solar power to get the whole manufacturing plant running.


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