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Consider the Clasp USB Drive for Your Next Promotional Event!

The High Quality Eco-Friendly Clasp Usb Drive Makes an Excellent Promotional Product

In today’s world, everything has been digitized and trying to use paper documents can be cumbersome, to say the least. Almost every job requires the use of a computer from the clerk who rings you out at the local drug store to bond traders on Wall Street everyone uses computers. While it may be easy to email yourself documents that you need to access from multiple computers, there are some documents that are too sensitive or important to risk someone seeing if you leave your email open or if your account is hacked into. There may be documents that you need to carry with you every day. One fun, interesting option is the clasp USB drive. The clasp USB drive keeps your data portable and easy to reach with the clothespin drive that can be easily used to keep papers together or attach to a bulletin board, or even the bottom of your shirt. The clasp USB drive is available in a variety of memory storage sizes fro 128 MB to 8 GB, and you can preload up to 100 MB of promotional material. The clasp USB drive is also equipped with Tier 1 chips that come with a lifetime warranty ensuring security for your important documents.

Save Files and the Environment with a Clasp Usb Drive

Custom Earth Promos strives to offer high quality, eco-friendly products, and the clasp USB drive is no exception. The clasp USB drive also makes an excellent promotional product, with an imprint area that spans the majority of the drive, ensuring that your logo will be prominently on display. Consider contacting Custom Earth Promos directly to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members about wholesale pricing on the clasp USB drive that your clients are sure to love!

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