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Copperas Cove, Texas Considers Banning Plastic Bags

copperas cove texas plastic bag ban

Ban Could Improve Copperas Cove City Image

The city of Copperas Cove,Texas is one of those cities that is considering a ban on plastic bags. Littering is a major problem in this city as some parts of the city and its vacant lots are accumulating litter, which can have a negative impact on the city’s image and reputation.

Since plastic waste is the biggest contributor to litter, some city officials believe that this issue can be checked by banning plastic bags and promoting the use of eco friendly reusable totes.

Whether or not the ban will be imposed is yet to be decided, but the issue is in serious consideration as the city is in grave need of beautification. Copperas Cove City Manager Andrea Gardner has been quoted as saying that tourists and visitors will choose to visit a different city if they don’t find Copperas Cove appealing because of all the litter.

Copperas Cove Officials Hint at Providing Promotional Reusable Bags

Although it has not been confirmed yet, some city officials of Copperas Cove have hinted that the city could provide free reusable bags or custom plastic bags to a few city residents if this ban comes into action. Offers have been made by promoters and suppliers to supply wholesale reusable bags to the city. More and more residents have been made aware of the impact these reusable bags could have on the appearance of their city. Several researches have been done by concerned city officials who have learned that people living in cities where plastic bags are banned are happier with their surroundings.

This realization has brought more urgency to the matter of plastic waste and litter which can be reduced by banning plastic bags. While there are a few people who are still cynical about a full-on ban because of the cost of seed paper and reusable totes, the city could give reassurance to these people by actually providing the free reusable bags as hinted by the city officials.


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