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Custom Tote Bags will be Handed out at Capital Metro Bus Stops for Free

capitol metro bus stops custom tote bags

It has been decided that starting this week free reusable totes and bags will be handed out to people at any bus stations of Capital Metro in Austin. Handing out these custom tote bags will help all the residents to prepare themselves for the upcoming ordinance. According to the future city decree, residents will have to use wholesale reusable bags or recyclable paper bags while shopping, instead of using single-use plastic bags.

Capital Metro in Austin Resource Recovery Helping Residents Adjust to the Transition

With the entire country going green, the transition from using plastic covers and bags to using reusable totes might not be all that easy for residents. Austin Resource Recovery hopes to makes this switch easier by handing out these bags at the bus stops all over Austin.

Sudden Usage of Wholesale Reusable Bags Might Be Confusing

The Director of Austin Resource Recovery, Bob Gedert, said the entire team understands that most residents ofAustinmight not carry reusable bags at all times. Some of them might even be confused as to how the upcoming ordinance might affect the shopping experiences.

Since there are so many issues cropping up regarding the ordinance and the transition, Austin Resource Recovery decided to team up with Capital Metro and will start distributing these reusable bags for free. The team will set up stalls in high traffic areas across the city and will also answer any queries that the residents might have about switching to this new sustainable shopping habit.

When Are the Reusable Totes Given out at Capital Metro?

The locations for giving out these bags are mostly at Capital Metro transport stations and they will be distributed to the public on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, starting this week. On Tuesday, the reusable totes will be handed out between 6:30 am to 9pm at the North Lamar Research Boulevard.

The bags will be handed out at the same time on Wednesday but at a different location; Congress Avenue and 10th Street Bus Stop. Between the same timings, the free reusable totes will be handed out at the 7th Street and Pleasant Valley Bus Stop on Thursday.

Even though the ordinance is yet to take effect in the city, handing out these reusable totes to residents will help in making them more eco-minded and accustomed to the inevitable transition. Residents can even bring plastic bags along when they come to these bus stops, so that the plastic bags can be left there for recycling.


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