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Dallas in for Custom Printed Reusable Shopping Bags

dallas reusable shopping bags

While the debate about plastic bags becoming a nuisance and causing health and safety concerns is raging all over, Dallas has passed an ordinance banning the use of plastic bags. It is the biggest city in Texas to have such an ordinance in place. Nine other cities have already enacted ordinances like this.

Dallas Done with Plastic Bags

Plastic bags pose grave a danger to the environment. They are waterproof, weightless and easily fly away anywhere. They don’t decompose easily in the soil and are responsible for clogged storm water drains. Landfills are full of these plastic bags and you find them on trees, fences, and lines. They also kill many fish and other wildlife. So people, as well as administrative authorities, were feeling the urgent need to do something about the millions of single-use plastic bags used in the city every day.

The debate over imposing a ban on plastic bags was going on in Dallas for nearly a year and now this ordinance has been passed. The ordinance which comes into effect from Jan 1, 2015, does not directly ban plastic bags but strives to limit the use of plastic bags by imposing a charge on these bags. There will be a charge of five cents levied per bag. 10 percent of the revenue generated from this levy, called environmental fee, will go to the retailers while the rest will go to city coffers.

This money will be spent on awareness programs to educate people about the potential hazards of plastic bags. This step could prove to be crucial in reducing the number of single-use plastic bags used in the city. The ordinance also promotes distribution of multiuse bags made of plastic or paper for free so that stores can offer better bags and avoid the fee. People would do well to avoid single-use bags altogether and switch to environment-friendly alternatives like custom printed reusable shopping bags.

Custom Reusable Shopping Bags Can Help the Plastic Waste Issues in Dallas

Reusable shopping bags made of cloth or good quality plastic can be the best option for those people who are concerned about the plastic bag nuisance and want to do their bit to save the environment. People in Dallas can also get such bags and reduce the usage and wastage that happens because of numerous single-use plastic bags circulating the city every day.

Reusable bags are much better than plastic bags – they last you really long and you find them in the most stylish and trendy avatars these days. You could make your own style statement with custom printed reusable shopping bags.


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