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Dallas will have to Wait Longer to Bring Out its Custom Printed Bags

dallas custom printed bags

A number of cities have implemented a ban on plastic bags since they are an environmental hazard. However, Dallas will have to wait a bit longer before it can join the bandwagon since its proposed ban on plastic bags isn’t expected to appear before the City Council, for a few months more at least.

Implementation of the Plastic Bag Ban Proposal Getting Delayed

Dwaine Caraway, the chairman of the Quality of Life and Environment Committee of the City Council has been campaigning for a ban on plastic bags since March, this year. Throughout his campaign, he has emphasized that disposable bags made of plastic are a major cause of litter in the city.

Caraway stated that plastic bags were seen everywhere,sometimes caught even in trees and littered in parks. He also added that paper bags were used widely before the introduction of the plastic bag and they weren’t found littering the place. Thus, stressing on the belief that paper bags were a better alternative to plastic bags.

The proposed ban hopes to restrict the use of disposable bags, primarily plastic bags used for groceries. Dwaine Caraway stated that the process to implement a ban on plastic bags would take some time since it had to be discussed in detail and the best way to address the issue would be arrived upon after gathering the opinion and ideas of everyone involved. This would ensure a cleaner environment, with the support of all. This indicates that the City Council will not be voting on a ban on bags in the near future.

Caraway also stated that he was open to other alternatives such as awareness programs to educate the population with regard to the use of plastic bags or the introduction of a charge on bags given to customers.

A fortnight earlier, after hours of deliberation, a proposed ban was sent by the council to the Quality Of Life Committee. However, no decision was reached. At that time, Caraway accused his colleagues, who didn’t support him, of being lured by business interests. He also addressed the representatives of the grocery and bag manufacturing industries saying that they hadn’t got to him since he wasn’t weak.

Caraway invited representatives of the industry to a committee meeting where they sat in silence while the audience was asked to voice their opinion. The measure to ban plastic bags was opposed by the members of the audience who spoke.

Custom Printed Bags Can Be a Better Choice

Plastic bags have been used for ages now since they are easily available with any purchase. They are convenient, especially since they can be used and thrown away, thus negating the need for washing, storing and carrying around. However, the very fact that most plastic bags are thrown away after a single use proves that they are a major cause of litter and pollution.

Using reusable bags may seem like an unnecessary switch but when we look at the long run benefits, it is definitely worth the change. Reusable bags can be used repeatedly thereby reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. They are stronger and more effective even it comes to carrying heavy groceries. Custom printed bags provided by retailers can also act as a method of advertisement.


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